How Lexis Language Center in Tokyo attracted 4x more high quality organic traffic

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A Word From The Owner

We have received reports every week to see the progress of our SEO and we have definitely seen results not only in our website traffic, but also an increase in inquiries coming through Google. We have seen truly positive results from Scaling Your Company and we look forward to continuing to work with them to expand our web presence and continue to position  our school for success.

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The Results

CS - Acquisition

Grew high quality visitors from around 100 to over 400 a month

Google Maps

Ranking in the Top 3 on Google Maps


Ranking Top 5 on Google Search for 2 keywords for new target market only 3 months after optimizing the website

What is Lexis Language Center?

CS2 - Lexis

Lexis Language Center is an English conversation and specialty school for children and adults to upgrade their language skills in Tokyo. They are a successful school with several hundred students developed through good teachers and a solid team running the business. They excel by having great one on one interaction and long-term relationships with their customers.

The Tokyo English language market is extremely competitive and Lexis is located at a busy train station with more than 7 competitors all aiming to acquire the same student market. Lexis has a strong reputation and has managed to grow primarily through word of mouth while maintaining solid student retention rates to grow the business. Additionally, most of the staff have worked there for more than 10 years, creating an excellent team that can provide a quality service.

However, things got slightly harder as COVID-19 reduced the opportunities for people to meet friends and acquaintances, which impacted word of mouth inquiries. Therefore, Lexis looked for new channels to acquire students.

The Goal

Increase presence on Google Maps

Increase organic
inbound leads

Increase discoverability 
on SERPs

STAGE 1: Google Maps

The Lexis team wanted to develop a passive organic traffic stream that would lead to inbound leads rather than an active marketing method like Facebook or Google Adwords and social media. The reason for this was because they wanted to focus on what they are best at, providing high quality lessons to language learners instead of all attention on marketing and sales.

We also wanted to provide the client with some easy wins internally that would more than pay for our service, so that would open up to future conversations where we could help with additional aspects of their marketing. We determined that upfront investment but future passive returns like SEO would be the perfect method for our client.

STAGE 2: Google Search

After successfully ranking Lexis on multiple channels for google maps, they wanted to expand our business partnership to include SEO support to help increase their search rankings on google. They wanted to dive into a niche market of teaching that would target students from other areas of Tokyo as opposed to only relying on potential customers who live at the same station or near the school. We started working on this together as of February 2023.

The Challenge

The original website was created in the early 2000s and although they had done blogging, they did it through an external blogging site and not on their own site. This created a two-fold problem of how to do SEO on a website we could not edit and the external blog lead to a weak domain. Luckily the Lexis team had an open mind and decided to re-make the website using wordpress, which would allow us to do blogging and easy SEO optimizations.

We did not provide website creation services at the time, but they were able to find a separate developer who provided an affordable option to build a wordpress website. After waiting several months, we were now ready to increase their SEO rankings armed with a target market to acquire and a website we could edit.

CS - Challenge

The Solution

Now that we had a website that had blogging and on page editing capabilities we were able to install several SEO tools to help speed up the optimization process.

We have ranked many physical location businesses for both Google search and google business, so we just followed the playbook that has brought us success in cities like Osaka, Tokyo, Yokohama, and Nagoya as well as many smaller cities of 300k+ population throughout Japan.

The Results

  • Grew high quality visitors from around 100 to more than 400 a month
  • Ranking Top 3 on Google Maps
  • Ranking  in the Top 5 on Google Search for 2 keywords for their new target market only 3 months after optimizing the website

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