How Match.Points Accounting went from 0 > 7 inquiries within two months of website launch

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A Word From The Owner

We are so glad with the results we have seen with Scaling Your Marketing. They helped us build our website and connect to their large audience of foreign business owners. We only had 2 foreign clients in about 1 year, but we have gained 2 new foreign clients in 2 months. They not only helped us with the website, but improve our sales process to foreigners.

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The Results

CS - Acquisition

15 qualified visitors monthly

Google Maps

5 business inquiries per month (33% conversion rate)


3 new retainer clients after 1.5 months after launch of website

※ Match.Points Accounting and Scaling your Marketing (Scaling your company) did no promotion or marketing and these were organic visitors from our previous content marketing campaigns.

What is Match.Points Accounting?

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Match.Points Accounting is an accounting firm in Sapporo, Hokkaido that provides tax accounting and bookkeeping services for both Japanese and foreign-owned companies throughout Japan. They already had a successful business targeting the Japanese market and running an online database for finding an accountant that is used nationwide. 

Looking to expand their business, they decided to target the foreign entrepreneur market in Japan with one of their accountants, Shimpei Wakana, a graduate of a top 10 Japanese university (Keio University in Tokyo) leading the charge. They wanted to start off small, so they asked us to create a landing page for their service to attract more clients.

The Goal

Get Consistent Website Visitors Maps

Develop a website

Convert Website Visitors

STAGE 1: Consistent Website Visitors

Shimpei wanted to develop this new sales channel for Match.Points but budget was an issue, and he was unable to contract us to do a large SEO and MEO campaign with us to bring them a lot of organic website traffic. We negotiated a middle ground where they would do a private Q&A with 30 of our Scaling Your Company advisory clients and in return we developed an online accounting seminar with them which achieved 400 downloads and more than 50% of people watched the whole 1 hour video. We also linked and promoted them in several of our articles on tax accounting blog posts, as we rank in the top 12 on google search for accountants in Japan, which they helped to collaborate on to create.

Due to the success of our consulting and advisory services for businesses, we really understood what the average foreign business owner in Japan wanted to know and challenges they were facing, so we were able to create a simple website that addressed specific pain points and communicated how Match.Points is different compared to other accounting firms.

STAGE 2: Develop a website

Our content marketing strategy was developing interest and buzz and now was time to develop a website to capture that value for Match.Points. 

We designed a landing page for Match.Points: https://www.matchpointaccounting.com/ with our 150,000 yen landing page plan which includes copywriting and consulting to best communicate their product and services. Also, since his service matched the content needs of our audience, we included doing a second seminar together + promoting them to our email newsletter of 1200 business owners / people.

STAGE 3: Convert Website Visitors

They were able to get 3 new clients 1 month after launching the website. Considering there were only 15 web page visitors, 33% of them resulted in a consultation, we knew the website was doing a great job of converting visitors into consultations for the client. They were able to convert 60% of them with our support on improving their consultation flow, which is much higher than the average of 33% - 50% closing rate for accounting firms.

We are consulting them on improving their sales process to increase this number to a 70% closing rate based on our experiences of running a top 10 language school for adults in Japan + a very successful daytime Japanese language school in Tokyo.

The Challenge

Before contacting our agency, Shimpei and his team found it difficult to generate meaningful traffic to their accounting website. Despite having a wealth of expertise in the accounting field, they found it difficult to communicate their value proposition to a larger audience.

The lack of a comprehensive content marketing strategy also meant they were missing out on key opportunities to capture leads and convert them into customers.


The Solution

  1. Create a content marketing strategy through our network that would generate website traffic to their website that converts. Based on this success, Wakana san would be able to present to his superiors to expand the scope to SEO and MEO in the future.
  2. Create a website that would convert many website visitors into inquiries
  3. Improve their sales process and service offerings to foreign business clients

The Results

  • 15 qualified visitors monthly
  • 5 business inquiries per month (33% conversion rate)
  • 3 new retainer clients after 1.5 months after launch of website

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