How MyCube Gym went from 3 > 6+ inquiries monthly with just a new website


The Results

CS - Conversion
  1. Increase monthly inquiries from 3 > 6+ with a website through improving conversion rate.
  2. Most important search term rank for gym went from 14 > 5 after new website.

What is MyCube?

MyCube Logo

My Cube is a distinctive fitness gym in Japan catering exclusively to women. They offer private rooms where members can book a session online, allowing them to exercise in a secluded space, ensuring utmost privacy. They offer a premium experience and offerings compared to competitors in their market.

They also offer personal training and tips to improve your fitness and health as the CEO is a certified personal trainer in Japan.

The Goal

Understanding the Customer

Increase website conversion rate

The primary goal was to discern what their existing customers truly desired, so we could improve the messaging towards potential new clients. Two central themes emerged : and we built the messaging and flow of the website to appeal to these customer types. Through the experience of creating a website and thinking about the customer, the owner got a much better sense of the existing customers and how he can stand out in the future as competition has increased in recent years, therefore supporting the future expansion and viability of this gym.

Increasing Conversion Rate

My Cube did not have a problem with getting people to the website through their online and offline marketing attempts (we supported both through our consulting service Scaling Your Company) and we narrowed down the area of greatest impact would be to increase the amount of conversions instead of spending a lot of money on less effective website traffic generation techniques. This increased conversion rate, would allow them to potentially reduce marketing costs in the future as the website would convert enough customers to enable stable growth.

The Challenge

Before partnering with us, MyCube faced a myriad of challenges that hindered its growth and market reach. Their existing website was not optimized for mobile users, which is a significant drawback in today's mobile-first world. This led to a high bounce rate and lost opportunities for customer engagement.

Additionally, MyCube struggled with effectively communicating its value proposition. Their previous marketing materials were not only text-heavy but also failed to capture the essence of their premium offerings. This resulted in a lack of clarity for potential customers, making it difficult to appeal to a more diverse demographic.


The Solution

  1. Create a new website that is optimized for mobile
  2. Create a video so that all customers can understand what the client offers to consumers within a few seconds
  3. Improve copywriting to effectively communicate how they are a premium offering and the benefits of using their services and facilities that effectively cover multiple demographics.

The Package

  • They purchased our standard website package which ranges from 330,000 - 600,000 yen and includes desktop and mobile design (basically design 2 websites) and pop ups and SEO optimized setup.

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