What is Blitzscaling The fastest way to scale a company is through blitzscaling. The main goal of blitzscaling is market acquisition by establishing a several 100 million – billion dollar business. The idea is to scale so fast that you eventually become the market leader and competition is unable to keep up, forcing them to […]

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Fast Scaling

What is Fast Scaling Fast Scaling is a popular way to build up a business with the use of external sources of finance. Thorough planning is needed for this method to ensure that all funds are allocated and utilized effectively to further grow the business. The help of external sources of funding provides a business

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Slow Scaling

What is Slow Scaling Slow scaling is known as the most balanced scaling method that enables business owners to have the aid of venture capital whilst still prioritizing their customers’ interests. Similar to bootstrapping, slow scaling a business also starts by building up the company with personal finances. What makes it different is that once

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What is Bootstrapping Bootstrapping a business means building it up with the owner’s own finances and further grow it through the reinvestment of profits that the company generates. No external sources of funding are used. However, you could still technically be called a bootstrapper if you accept small sums of money from friends, family, and

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