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Every CEO and Executive Needs a Trusted Coach

Leadership is important and a company can only grow as fast as its leader. This is hard when there are so many gaps in the company's ability to execute, demands from employees, or pressures from head office. Let me help you get your  thoughts out of your head and into a plan of action or simply brainstorm and work through your thoughts.

lonely being a leader

Being a Leader Can Be Lonely

You are expected to have everything under control and to even predict the future to guide the organization and business to more growth and success. When things are good they are great, but when things are not, everyone leader needs someone to brainstorm and organize their thoughts with without being judged.

It is also tough to find people to discuss things with because you have a public reputation or persona to maintain as top leader, so it is tough to find people to talk to when you don't have all the answers.

My Support for Business Owners and Executives

My support often depends on your challenges but here are some common areas. Many leaders often just want to have someone to confirm if they are making the right decisions.


  • Sounding board : for issues on management, leadership, hiring, company strategy or direction, and communication with team or head office.
  • Revenue generation : on offline marketing, digital marketing, sales, pricing, and product or service development.
  • Skills development : how to run an organization, understand the finances, and general skills like negotiation, presentations, and sales.
boss guiding an employee
Tyson presenting at 500 Global Aichi

Accountability or Push

Business Owners Unless you have investors, you are not really held accountable to anyone and can really slow down business growth and often leads to a lack of direction. I will help you guide you to creating a business that you want but also one that people want to work for. I will call you out when needed because employees won't.


Country Managers

Country managers will often need help to decompress the demands of head office asking for "too much". This can sometimes make managers enter a mental slump and create an us and them situation. I can provide you a gentle push to find a middle ground to get results faster.

Why Choose Me

Proven Founder and Manager

I have experienced personal success with my own companies and have helped dozens of entrepreneurs and leaders grow their own businesses.

3X Founder and Mentor

I have scaled my first company to upper 7 figures and 100+ employees. My second company, a subsidiary of the first, has rapidly grown and scaled to 30+ staff. I am also a resident mentor at 500 Global Japan.

VP Level Manager

I have run operations in 4 - 5 layer organization and have managed both middle and senior level managers. Let me help guide you in managing mangers and your managers to effectively lead their departments.

Proven Manager

I turned an employee satisfaction rating of 2.2 > 3.8 in a corporate manager role without a budget. Hired hundreds of people without paid job boards or recruiters. High ratings for my own company on Glassdoor.

Organization that Have Featured Me
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500 global logo
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Well-Rounded Leader

I have enough experience in sales, marketing, HR, and operations where I can either run a department or judge the skills of directors and managers to make the right hire.


  • Performance Evaluation System
  • Leadership Meeting System
  • Communication Flow Design
  • Internal Portal Site Design
  • Recruitment / Hiring System
  • Project Management System
  • Financial Simulations

Marketing and Sales

  • B2B Sales
  • Google SEO and Maps
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Podcasts
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Conversion Rate
  • Flyers and Events


  • Creating Pitch Decks
  • Understand VCs in Japan


  • Board Member
  • Managing 4 layers of staff

What Have Our Clients Said?

Tyson really helped me to understand my business better, become a better leader, organize myself better, and improve my delegation skills by trusting my team more and guiding them to execute well.

David Chandler

CEO & Founder ABCDavids

Tyson helped me organize the variety of communication challenges with Japanese team members into categories that we could solve one by one. This has helped create more dialog with the Japanese staff.

Japan Country Manager

for a Global Corporation

Tyson has a lot of practical entrepreneur experience in the Japanese market. He was able to identify company growth challenges and potential future problems and save me months and months.

Dustin Ikeda

CFO & Founder Hashi Media


Affordable Pricing and Simple Plans

From fast growing startup to global executives, I have helped them perform better and deal with the challenges and complexities in an ever changing environment.


One Session Monthly

¥20,000 / month
  • Access to Lectures
  • Access to Client Frameworks
  • 1 on 1 Session for 60 minutes
  • Session with Tyson

2 Sessions Monthly

¥40,000 / month
  • Access to Lectures
  • Access to Client Frameworks
  • Managers may join
  • Sessions with Tyson

Mastermind Group

¥22,000 / Month
  • Access to Lectures
  • Access to Frameworks
  • One Monthly Mastermind - 110 min
  • Lead by Tyson

Need a custom plan for you and your team? Get in touch with us.

Let's work together to scale your business

By the end of our call, you will have a clear idea of what areas of your marketing, operations, CEO and staff development we can focus on to prepare your organization and yourself for doubling, tripling, or even 10x your company.

Elevate your executive leadership

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