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Great Managers are not Born, they are Developed

Any long-term culture of growth starts with the middle managers. Invest in your management development and level up your entire organization. Let a veteran like me help you level up your business acumen, communication skills, operational skills, and mindset.

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Middle Managers Need Help

Most new managers are often chosen because they were a high performer as a specialist or executor. However, most of them struggle because what got them here won't get them to being a great manager.

They need a lot of support and guidance both mentally, business acumen, and business skills. They neeed to be fostered and "don't just get it" immediately. Many founders are very short-term thinkers and do not financially invest in coaching for them nor have the time to do it themselves.

Many Founders are Not Equipped to Develop Managers

Many founders especially first time founders are not equipped for developing the middle layer. This is understandable as many founders have never experienced being a great middle manager, let alone managing a team of middle managers.

Founders are busy fundraising and develop product and often don't have the experience, frameworks, and skills to learn how to manage middle managers quickly. Let me help your time and lessen your burden.

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Tyson presenting at 500 Global Aichi

Turning Middle Managers into Senior Managers

In my experience having a third party for your managers to be open and vulnerable with helps get a lot of issues that are buried. These issues often manifest as frustration, stress, and even passive aggression and this goes on for too long and slows down the company.


I help managers get out their thoughts, but more importantly teach them the skills on how to make proposals, negotiate with their bosses, and help them figure out what their personal flaws are and work together to overcome them so they can become senior level managers.

Why Choose Me

Proven Founder and Manager

I have experienced personal success with my own companies and have helped dozens of entrepreneurs and leaders grow their own businesses.

3X Founder and Mentor

I have scaled my first company to upper 7 figures and 100+ employees. My second company, a subsidiary of the first, has rapidly grown and scaled to 30+ staff. I am also a resident mentor at 500 Global Japan.

VP Level Manager

I have run operations in 4 - 5 layer organization and have managed both middle and senior level managers. Let me help guide you in managing mangers and your managers to effectively lead their departments.

Proven Manager

I turned an employee satisfaction rating of 2.2 > 3.8 in a corporate manager role without a budget. Hired hundreds of people without paid job boards or recruiters. High ratings for my own company on Glassdoor.

Organization that Have Featured Me
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Well-Rounded Founder

I have enough experience in sales, marketing, HR, and operations where I can judge the skills of directors and middle managers to make the right hire.


  • Performance Evaluation System
  • Leadership Meeting System
  • Communication Flow Design
  • Internal Portal Site Design
  • Recruitment / Hiring System
  • Project Management System
  • Financial Simulations

Marketing and Sales

  • B2B Sales
  • Google SEO and Maps
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Podcasts
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Conversion Rate
  • Flyers and Events


  • Creating Pitch Decks
  • Understand VCs in Japan


  • Board Member
  • Managing 4 layers of staff

What Have Our Clients Said?

Tyson has helped me improved my communication skills while effeciently guiding my growth. I always learn something new each session. This experience continues to be one of the best investments of my career.

TJ Conde

Manager at ABCDavids

I work for a fast growing company and at first it was really hard for me to keep my head above water. The pace was so fast and stressful, but Tyson helped me to delegate and hire my new team and manager better.

Alia Garcia

Manager at Artillery

Tyson has helped me make the jump from a high performer teacher to a solid junior manager. It was tough transition from peer to manager but Tyson helped me understand my role and lead a team effectively.

Tim Yelland

Manager at Cambridge English


Affordable Pricing and Simple Plans

From fast growing startup to global executives, I have helped them perform better and deal with the challenges and complexities in an ever changing environment.


One Session Monthly

¥20,000 / month
  • Access to Lectures
  • Access to Client Frameworks
  • 1 on 1 Session for 60 minutes
  • Session with Tyson

2 Sessions Monthly

¥40,000 / month
  • Access to Lectures
  • Access to Client Frameworks
  • Up to 2 People in One Session
  • Sessions with Tyson

Mastermind Group

¥22,000 / Month
  • Access to Lectures and Frameworks
  • Access to Personal Assistant
  • Two Monthly Masterminds - 120 min each
  • Lead by Tyson

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