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Grow faster than your organization

A key component to being a leader is to be able to grow faster than your organization.  One reason many companies struggle is because the challenges of a company outpace its leader. My name is Tyson Batino and let me help you.

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You Need Help Making the Unknowns > Known

One of the challenges of being a first time founder is not knowing what you do not know or unknown unknowns. Working with some who has been there can provide guidance and how to solve what is in front of you and what is to come.


Stop wasting your team and your time learning through trial and error. You need to learn in days a weeks, and not months and years.

You Need Help Attracting and Managing the Best Talent

Investors and the best talent on the market need confidence in your ability to lead before joining your team. You need to learn management and leadership in one to two years and not 8 to 10 years. Let me fast track your management skills.

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Tyson presenting at 500 Global Aichi

You Need Someone who is Always in Your Corner

When growing your company, the bigger it gets the harder it is to be vunelrable. Investors want to see confidence, co-founders want to see conviction and clarity, and staff want stability. I have provided a soundboard to many founders and can help you navigate the many challenges you experience.


Many of your fellow founder friends are busy and may not have the time to be a confidant and pillar in your corner.

Why Choose Me

Proven Entrepreneur

I have experienced personal success with my own companies and have helped dozens of entrepreneurs and leaders grow their own businesses.

3X Founder and Mentor

I have scaled my first company to upper 7 figures and 100+ employees. My second company, a subsidiary of the first, has rapidly grown and scaled to 30+ staff. I am also a resident mentor at 500 Global Japan.

The Integrator

I have run operations in 4 - 5 layer organization and made the decision on what to prioritize from our many departments. I have experience in marketing, sales, HR, and operations and integrating them.

Impactful Results

I turned an employee satisfaction rating of 2.2 > 3.8 in more corporate days without a budget. Hired hundreds of people without paid job boards or recruiters. Used FB ads that went viral to gather many customers.

Organization that Have Featured Me
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Well-Rounded Founder

I have enough experience in sales, marketing, HR, and operations where I can judge the skills of directors and middle managers to make the right hire.


  • Performance Evaluation System
  • Leadership Meeting System
  • Communication Flow Design
  • Internal Portal Site Design
  • Recruitment / Hiring System
  • Project Management System
  • Financial Simulations

Marketing and Sales

  • B2B Sales
  • Google SEO and Maps
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Podcasts
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Conversion Rate
  • Flyers and Events


  • Creating Pitch Decks
  • Understand VCs in Japan


  • Board Member
  • Managing 4 layers of staff

What Have Our Clients Said?

Tyson has helped create a growth plan for both Japan and international market. Tyson also has solid knowledge of marketing and product and has guided us in also improving our sales processes and materials and we have been able to close deals with distributors.

Scott Granville

CEO & Founder Chasing Time English

Tyson was helpful in polishing elevator and sales pitches, marketing in Japanese, and introduced investors. We have saved countless hours in trying to figure out where to focus our attention in the Japan market and it is always good to have someone I can talk to regularly.

Foreign Founder

Pre-series A Company

Tyson has helped me navigate the many ups and downs with creating a SaaS startup. I have been able to improve alignment with my co-founder. We have also successfully raised investment from investors and can always count on Tyson to guide me through our growth.

Japan Based Founder

Seed Stage Company


Affordable Pricing and Simple Plans

From fast growing startup to global executives, I have helped them perform better and deal with the challenges and complexities in an ever changing environment.


One Session Monthly

¥20,000 / month
  • Access to Lectures
  • Access to Client Frameworks
  • 1 on 1 Session for 60 minutes
  • Session with Tyson

2 Sessions Monthly

¥40,000 / month
  • Access to Lectures
  • Access to Client Frameworks
  • Up to 2 People in One Session
  • Sessions with Tyson

One Time Session

¥20,000 / 1 time
  • 1 on 1 Session for 60 minutes
  • Session with Tyson

Need a custom plan for you and your team? Get in touch with us.

Let's work together to scale your business

By the end of our call, you will have a clear idea of what areas of your marketing, operations, CEO and staff development we can focus on to prepare your organization and yourself for doubling, tripling, or even 10x your company.

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