Simple and Easy Market Research for Japan

Analyzing multiple markets and not sure if Japan is the right place for your expansion? Our simple and easy market research consulting plan might be the right service for you.

Companies we've helped

Traditional market research is a money pit


Market research is a necessary precursor to entering a new market. However, traditional market research requires you to check out different companies, pay upfront, wait for weeks or months. Some common frustrations we hear are that it takes too much time to do research in multiple countries, definitive market research is expensive, and most market researches will try to sell you large package. Doing research yourself takes months too, delaying Japanese expansion for months or even years, just wasting time.

Scaling Your Company's market research shows results after only one week!

Here is the three-step process our market research clients follow.

Day 1
Day 7
Day 8

Step 1: Find us online through our website and social media platforms!

Step 2: Schedule 1-2 hourly sessions, receive your market research report.

Step 3: After reading your report, make a decision for more market research! 

Our services

Easy to Start and Stop

You can even start with just one session. If our advice is useful, you can add more sessions with us, so we are incentivized to provide value from the start and no large up front payments and you can getting started in one day.

Useful Information

We will do some light research and tell you our opinion of your product, the market you are aiming to enter, competitors, how much capital and time you made need, and potential target customers / audiences.


One session starts at 22,000 yen. If it requires some light research on our end, we will charge slightly more and most engagements end with two sessions and you get your value, speed, and enough information to reflect on.

Schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation now!

Let's have a quick 15 minute chat to see if we can help you. Most people get what they need in 1 - 2 sessions! We can also make introductions to other service providers if you are a match for the Japan market.

Don't see your industry here? Contact us for any inquiries at [email protected].

Areas We Can Help

  • Crowdfunding
  • Investment in Japan
  • SaaS
  • Physical location businesses
  • Starting a business in Japan
  • Startup ecosystem and startup cities
  • Health tech
  • Travel
  • Food & beverage
  • Software development shop

Areas We Cannot Help

  • Subsidies
  • Real estate
  • Energy
  • Deep tech
  • Space

Mentor, Leader, Entrepreneur: Tyson Batino

I have had the opportunity to serve as a resident mentor for 500 Global, guiding 12-15 international startups through the process of entering the Japanese market across various sectors. In my current role, I provide advisory support to over 30 Japanese companies, consistently facilitating revenue growth ranging from 15% to 30%. Additionally, my entrepreneurial ventures include the successful establishment of three businesses in Japan: One Coin English, which boasts a workforce of over 200 employees, Japan Switch with a team of 30+, and Scaling Your Company employing three talented individuals.


Alyssa Boswell, CEO of Upper Story

"I had one session with Tyson to talk about crowdfunding in Japan. He was knowledgeable, candid, and insightful. He is a valuable resource as we consider our options for entering the Japanese market."

Kent Woodard, Stealth Startup

"We had one session for our market entry strategy. He gave me a ton of actionable information that would have taken a lot of time or talking to many people about the Japanese market. Tyson did not hold back and provided a lot of value."

Make your Japan market research simple, fast and affordable

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