E-commerce in Japan with Arisa Ueno

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In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast, we are excited to be joined by Arisa Chelsea Ueno. As a consultant, she helps companies with new business generation and e-commerce not only in Japan but all over the world. She was the first employee for Shopify Japan and cultivated a new ecosystem of eCommerce, and activated thousands of domestic and cross-border businesses. Arisa will be introducing what e-commerce is like in Japan and how foreign businesses can better market towards the Japanese audience. She explains methods on how to tailor and design webpages and gives great tips on how to optimize website conversion rates. This episode is a part of our comprehensive guide to Japan Market Entry article.

This podcast episode is excellent for:

  • Business owners looking to utilize e-commerce in Japan

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E-commerce in Japan Show Notes

(2:16) Difference between e-commerce and in-person retail

(3:19) Benefits of e-commerce

(6:25) What e-commerce channels are used in Japan

(7:28) Differences in website creation

(11:31) Differences in copywriting

(16:02) Understanding types of spacing in Japan

(17:29) Tips on conversion rate optimization

(20:34) Importance of using the correct photos

(22:31) Key components of a market entry launch in Japan

(33:12) Tips for foreigners looking to do e-commerce in Japan

(37:11) Campaigns and point systems in Japan

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