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Japan Market Entry with Virgin Cola and Dyson

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Episode Summary

In this episode of Scaling Japan we are joined by Harry Hakuei Kosato, who was head of marketing for both Virgin and Dyson in Japan and is now the founder of Sushi and More, the largest sushi chain in India. He shares experiences from both Virgin and Dyson, explaining how the companies had different strategies and views on success. Additionally, he talks about how he was able to bring his experiences from Japan to India and start his own business.

This podcast episode is excellent for:

  • Business owners in Japan looking to further expand their company
  • Country managers interested in learning more about market entry
Video of the PR success story with Harry Hakuei Kosato and Richard Branson from the episode.

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Show Notes

(0:50) Harry Hakuei Kosato’s self introduction

(3:04) Harry Hakuei Kosato’s work experience with Virgin in Japan

(11:52) Harry Hakuei Kosato’s work experience with Dyson

(16:07) Bringing experience from Japan to India

(21:10) Advice for country managers to help with market entry

(25:20) How successful companies in Japan can move forwards globally

(27:35) Advice for foreign business owners in Japan

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