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Scaling Japan and Scaling Your Company offers eight free seminars every year to help you improve and grow your business in Japan!

Latest Seminar

Q&A with a Labor Expert

Q&A on Renting An Office In Japan

Qualified Invoice System in Japan

2024 New Electronic Retention Tax Rule in Japan Q&A

Q&A on Social Media in Japan for Business

Upcoming Seminar : TBD

When the next seminar is determined we will announce here, but we recommend you join our newsletter to get informed immediately. We plan to do more accounting and marketing, sales seminars.

Why Should You Join?

Recent Law & Rule Changes

You can get up to date information on taxes, labor laws, and other regulations business owners need to be on top of.

No Attendance Fees

All of our seminars are free to the public. Feel free to invite friends as getting guests leads to getting more speakers!

Certified Expert Sources

Rather than spending 15,000 - 100,000 yen, ask your questions during Q&A, get a special offer from the speaker.

English-Friendly Information

Everything is all in English. The slides, the presentation, and the Q&A time.


Your Host, Tyson Batino

Scaling Your Company CEO Tyson Batino has experience scaling a company to 100 employees and creating two successful businesses. He can help the following leaders in areas like operations, leadership, marketing, sales, and personal growth and make the following transitions.

Your Guests

Corey Nedz
Corey Nedz
Dimitri Shimaniuk
Dustin Ikeda
Kyoko Iwata
Shimpei Wakana


Podcast 3

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