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Get Japanese Government Money for Your Business with Miho Tanaka

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Miho Tanaka joins us in this episode of the Scaling Japan podcast to talk about government financial support in Japan. She is the founder of Startup Work Inc. Miho Tanaka explains governement grants and loans that will be useful for business owners from Japan and international founders as well. Other helpful tools for entrepreneurs, such as free office space and business related seminars, are also discussed.

This podcast episode is excellent for:

  • Business owners in Japan wanting to learn about funding options for their companies
  • Entrepreneurs interested in creating a startup in Japan

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Show Summary

(1:20) Miho Tanaka’s self introduction

(3:43) Government financing strategies after COVID-19

(4:42) New government funds

(7:21) Loans for entrepreneurs 

(11:07) JFC Loans

(11:58) Loans for international founders 

(13:47) JETRO office space

(15:52) Open innovation tax incentive

(17:39) Government provided seminars and services

(20:22) Clubhouse 

(22:28) SeedS

(23:23) Industries government support is targeting

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