How to Conduct Sales in Japan with Beau Becker

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Episode Summary

Beau Becker, the CEO of Reiwa Pharmaceuticals in Japan, joins us in this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast to talk about how to improve sales. What makes Beau such a unique guest is that he started from zero in his early 20’s and has now built up 10 years of professional experience working in China and Japan on multiple sales teams. He explains the differences between sales culture in Japan vs Western countries as well as the common mistakes foreigners might make. Beau also gives tips on how to manage client relations, specifically with Japanese customers. This episode is a part of our comprehensive guide to sales in Japan.

This podcast episode is excellent for:

  • Managers who want to learn and improve their sales in Japan
  • Business people who are interested in the meeting etiquette of Japan

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Links from Guest Appearance

  • Find out more about Beau Becker on his LinkedIn
  • Be sure to check out Reiwaseiyaku and their Instagram if you want to prevent getting flushed after drinking alcohol

Show Summary

(1:22) Beau Becker’s self introduction

(5:52) Sales as a main driver of Japanese corporations

(7:13) Differences between sales culture in Japan vs Western countries

(13:36) What are sales meetings like in Japan

(17:50) How to be liked and respected by traditional Japanese companies

(20:39) How to get mentored in a Japanese company

(23:15) Common misunderstandings and mistakes foreigners make in sales

(26:40) Finding the decision maker is key

(30:22) Exaggerating politeness can go a long way

(32:08) Importance of printed materials

(35:59) How to get credibility when dealing with buyers older than you

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