Intro to Japan Market Entry with Maor Shwartz

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In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast, we are joined by Maor Shwartz. Although Maor’s background is primarily in cyber sercurity, he has spent the past year researching the unique dynamics of the Japanese Market. He has created a fantastic report on the challenges that foreign startups face when trying to enter Japan. Maor shares his findings and gives an introduction into what business owners need to be aware of when starting a company in Japan. This episode is a part of our comprehensive guide to Japan Market Entry article.

This podcast episode is excellent for:

  • Foreign startups looking to enter the Japanese market
  • Country managers who want to branch out to Japan

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Show Notes

(1:01) Maor Shwartz’s self introduction

(2:35) Why Maor created a Japan market entry report

(5:05) What is a realistic market entry timeline in Japan

(10:38) Cultural differences that impact market entry

(15:10) Decision making process and execution in Japan

(21:08) Differences when working with Japanese clients

(29:10) Complex supply chain dynamics

(32:02) Startup pre-requisites to enter the Japanese market

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