Market Research in Japan with Robert Purss

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Welcome to another episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast. In this episode, we are delighted to welcome back Robert Purss for the third time. He is the founder and managing director of McLaren Group, a Tokyo-based bilingual marketing consultancy offering comprehensive services, including marketing strategy, consumer research, and business development. In Part 3, he will delve into essential tools and methodologies for conducting effective research that sets the stage for achieving future success.  Join us as Robert shares valuable insights into market research and growth strategies in Japan, addressing why companies need market research, affordable research alternatives for businesses with limited budgets, and the advantages of consulting market research professionals.

Link to Part 1: https://scalingyourcompany.com/marketing-agencies-in-japan-part-1-with-robert-purss/ 
Link to Part 2: https://scalingyourcompany.com/marketing-agencies-in-japan-part-2-with-robert-purss/ 

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Show Notes

00:00 Introduction
2:34 What is Market Research?
3:24 Why Would a Company Need Market Research?
8:11 Existing Product Growth Strategy and New Product Growth Strategy
13:47 Research Tools for SME’s
16:20 Managing Data
19:37 What Research Can a Company with No Budget Do?
22:34 Leading Questions and Online Data Sources
27:14 Comprehensive Research: Quantitative and Qualitative
31:59 How Much Do Brands/Businesses Spend on Market Research?
34:15 80/20 Principle, Market Landscape Understanding, and Concept Testing 
36:49 Talking to an Expert
39:12 In Which Departments or Budget Categories is Market Research Held?
40:27 Where Can I Find Japanese People To Do Micro-research?
42:20 Why Should Someone Use the Services of a Market Research Professional?
42:20 Why Should Someone Use the Services of a Market Research Professional?
46:00 Final Comments

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