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A GREAT Sales Pamphlet is "Crucial" for Japan

Doing enterprise sales in Japan is completely different to doing sales to Western companies. One critical diference is the importance of having a great sales pamphlet specifically made to target Japanese decision makers who you never meet.

A GREAT Sales Pamphlet is "Crucial" for Japan

Doing enterprise sales in Japan is completely different to doing sales to Western companies. One critical difference is the importance of having a great sales pamphlet specifically made to target Japanese decision makers who you never meet.

Why you ABSOLUTELY need a great sales pamphlet for Japan.

  • Reason 1 : Sales in Japan "Heavily" relies on circulating physical materials internally

    Decisions in Japan are not often made by individuals but groups of people. Your champion internally will distribute your physical pamphlet to other decision makers and it needs to be great for corporate sales.

  • Reason 2 : Decision Maker's first impression of your company

    The decision maker's first impression of your company is the sales pamphlet or lack of one received from your internal contact. You might not be getting second meetings because of your pamphlet. 

  • Reason 3 : Shows you Understand the Japanese Market

    Most sales pamphlets by foreign companies are simply Japanese translations at best and no localization done at all at its worst. Not understanding standard Japanese sales pamphlet procedure may get labeled as "not serious" about the Japan market.

  • Reason 4 : Internal contact may not be able to pitch your company well

    Many possible reasons for this, but your internal contact may lack influence, persuasion skills, or may not even understand your service fully. Do not leave things to chance and make a great pamphlet that can do this.

Mediocre sales pamphlets results in less 2nd meetings and therefore less deals closed.

By not making your Japanese sales pamphlet a priority > you are giving a Japanese company many reasons to write off your company as not being a good potential partner. The decreased success of getting 2nd meetings, leads to closing less deals and lower revenue

This Course Will Get You More 2nd Meetings

This Course Is Perfect For...

People with sales experience in Japan

Business owners with existing customers will find the course extremely beneficial for improving their sales pitch to Japanese customers.

Wants large corporate clients

Had decent success with selling to small businesses but want to go upstream and close more corporate deals? This course will help you improve your pitch and help you get more trust.

Wants to get more 2nd Meetings

Many foreigners struggle to get a 2nd meeting because the internal champion either thinks you do not get Japan or are unreliable. Learn how to present yourself better.

This Course Is NOT for

✖ Idea Stage Companies

This cohort course is only for companies who already have customers and want to improve their sales pitch + increase likelihood of getting follow up meetings.

✖ People with No Sales Experience

For our peer review portion to be effective, we would only want attendees with sales experience. Additionally, one benefit of our course is that you get to see other professional pitch their service.

Course Outline

Note: The following sessions will be held online on Wed August 14, 28, September 11th and 25th at 6 PM JST.

Session 1

120-minute session (Hover for more information)
  • 10 minute self-introductions*
  • 60 minutes seminar on Sales Decks in Japan
  • 30 minutes creating an outline for your business*
  • 30 minutes presenting in pairs and than to everyone*

*Not recorded

Session 3

90-minute session (Hover for more information)
  • 60 minutes presentation of sales deck to 1 sales pro
  • 30 minutes feedback, Q&A

Session 2

90-minute session (Hover for more information)
  • 20 minutes live breakdown of two pamphlets
  • 10 minutes presentation sales deck
  • 30 minutes refinement of your wireframe sales deck*
  • 30 minutes presentation in pairs*

Session 4

90-minute session (Hover for more information)
  • 60 minutes presentation to Tyson Batino and John Kirch
  • 15 minutes feedback and awards

Trainer : Tyson Batino

Scaling Your Company CEO Tyson Batino has experience scaling a company to 100 employees and creating two successful businesses. He can help the following leaders in areas like operations, leadership, marketing, sales, and personal growth and make the following transitions.

What do our students have to say?


"The Course has been beneficial for our expansion into the Japanese market. Led by our mentor Tyson, offered invaluable insights and strategies specifically tailored to our needs. We noticed much more engaging interactions with our potential Japanese clients and has enhanced our sales cycle efficiency and understanding of the Japanese market, despite language barriers.

Mohit Manoj
Chief Business Officer / Fabrik Space


"The course was super clear, very information-dense and practical and applicable. It kept me engaged and was very much 'no BS'. In short - this course helps streamline business processes, thinking, and presentation materials for Japanese audiences. It would be invaluable for anyone looking to expand their business to Japan or just collaborate or partner with Japanese companies."

Dr. Martin Dinov
CEO, Founder / Maaind


"Densely packed with Japan-specific sales insights.I had countless ‘a-ha’ and a few ‘why didn’t we do this sooner’ moments. More than being the most complete crash course for Japan, the insights were actionable and led me to overhaul our main pitch deck on a tight deadline before a first meeting with a Japan-based multinational company. That pitch deck, got us the second meeting, and now we’re in the last stages of the quoting process."

Dimitri Shimaniuk
Director / Enjin Media K.K.


"This course is like a short cut towards a beneficial Japanese sales meeting. For a startup developing a new product, there are many uncertainties in estimating a product-market fit. Tyson's course eliminates many of the uncertainty in how your sales message will be received in Japan. Even after 3 years of doing business in Japan, I found it insightful and witnessed an effect on sales meetings."

Maxim Makatchev
Founder / susuROBO


"Excellent course.  Tyson really knows his stuff and the content offers unambiguous easy to implement feedback on Japan specific sales decks.  I’ve been doing business in Japan for quite some time and knew some of the content but the course supplied fantastic accountability partners to actually get that knowledge into play.  Finally, I liked being able to get insights into other industries’ sales strategies to inspire thinking out of the box within my own industry."

Scott Crowe
Founder / Nuthouse Education

Course Features

Sample Sales Deck Template

We will provide you a sales deck template in the flow that is normal for Japanese companies to see in Japan. Use our template to improve or develop our own from scratch.

Group 84-2

Seminar on Making a GREAT Sales Deck for Japan

Unlock the secrets of effective sales decks in an English seminar, dissecting mistakes from foreign businesspeople in Japan and mastering the art of crafting compelling sales stories and understand how to communciate your service to a Japanese company.

Group 88

Receive a list of solid Japanese sales decks + step by step breakdowns

Preview Japanese sales decks across different industries to boost your chances of securing first and second meetings in Japan. Gain valuable insights for successful interactions.

Group 86

Receive feedback for your deck. See other professionals present their deck + excellent judges

Showcase your enhanced sales deck to peers in two exclusive presentations, and receive valuable feedback during the fourth session from industry expert John Kirch. Elevate your pitch with expert guidance.

Group 87-2

Cohort 1 Closed! 3/6 slots remaining for Cohort 2.

Check out important details including payment details, schedules, and more here!

The Cohort Plan

JPY 55,000

  • The Cohort Plan entails the following benefits, and will be begin from Wednesdays on August 14, 28, September 11, 25 at 6 PM
  • Networking: 6 participants per cohort
  • Courses: 90 minutes per session, 4 total sessions
  • Feedback : Receive feedback 2 - 3 times on your deck

The DIY Plan

JPY 33,000

  • The DIY Plan offers access to recordings from the Cohort for study (does not include active participation in the Cohort)
  • 90 minutes of video on how to make a great sales deck for Japan
  • Breakdowns of good examples from Japanese corporates
  • Sales deck template you can start using NOW!


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