SEO Marketing in Japan with Jeff Crawford

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Welcome to another episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠, we welcome Jeff Crawford, the CEO of Zo Digital Japan. They are a Digital Marketing agency based in Tokyo that provides SEO, Content Marketing, PPC advertising, Digital PR, and more to Overseas companies entering Japan, as well as foreign-minded Japanese companies. In this episode, Jeff discusses the fundamental concept of SEO and its universal applicability for companies seeking enhanced online visibility. Jeff shares intriguing cases of successful SEO strategies in Japan and explores the critical role of EEAT in Google’s algorithm and the impact of AI technologies on SEO. Jeff also talks about the distinctions between SEO and SEM and the qualities that define an outstanding agency.

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Show Notes

(00:00) Introductions

(05:52) What is SEO

(07:05) Why and when should a company consider using SEO

(08:05) What types of companies can benefit from using SEO

(21:06) What search engines are popular in Japan and how are they similar & how are they different

(22:05) The differences in search behavior between Japanese and those in Western or other Asian countries

(28:47) What is EEAT and why should we care

(34:09) How has AI affected SEO recently

(47:28) The qualities of a good agency

(50:17) Conclusions & Jeff Crawford’s contact information

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