Startup Events in Japan with Antti Sonninen

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In this episode of the ⁠⁠Scaling Japan Podcast⁠⁠, we are joined by Antti Sonninen. Antti is the main organizer of Takeoff Tokyo, the place for internationally ambitious entrepreneurs. Originally from Finland, Antti came to Japan 10+ years ago first bringing the Angry Birds game here as the company’s first country director. Antti has also worked on several projects bridging the tech communities of Japan and the rest of the world, most notably as co-founder and CEO of Slush Tokyo. He will discuss the importance of attending startup events in Tokyo, highlighting the benefits for founders, investors, and corporations. Antti will also share strategies for maximizing event participation and mention some major startup events in Japan, along with insights on the cost of organizing such events.

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Show Notes

(00:00) Introduction
(02:26) takeoff Tokyo
(11:38) Why go to a startup event
(12:50) What happens at a startup event
(15:43) Benefits for attending startup events for founders and investors
(21:25) Benefits of attending a startup corporation
(22:32) Maximize Event Participation as a founder
(29:57) Maximize Event Participation as an Investor
(32:24) Maximize Event Participation as a Corporation
(41:28) What are some major events in Japan
(46:31) Cost of running a startup event

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