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Learn from the best on how to grow, expand, and rock out in the land of the rising sun.

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Tyson Batino

I have ran marketing, recruitment, HR, and operations for the businesses I have founded. Currently, I am helping more than 20 companies in Japan to scale their company.

Founder of One Coin English, Japan Switch, BFF Tokyo, and now Scaling Your Company. Mentor at Founder Institute Japan.

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My Mission

There are many great foreign and Japanese entrepreneurs in Japan. There are many foreigners in Japan who want to start a company and make an impact in Japan. There are great podcasts in Japan like Disrupting Japan and others, but there is no podcast for tactical information on how to grow your business.

The goal of the scaling Japan podcast is to fulfill this big gap for actionable advice on how to scale your business in Japan.

  • How to get investment in Japan
  • How to get a bank loan in Japan
  • How to do sales in Japan
  • How to do marketing in Japan
  • How do you partner with Japanese corporations

These are just some of the many topics we will tackle. Let us be your number 1 Japan podcast for all topics business related.

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