I help business owners 2x - 5x their business

Every leader needs a coach to pull them further and faster

Here's How We 2x - 5x your business.

Method 1 : Increase Revenue

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Marketing Optimization

Are you having trouble doubling or tripling your business year over year with your current marketing methods? Do you need help tracking your marketing spend and optimizing your website and marketing strategy?

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Sales Optimization

Do you need help ugrading your management team to grow from managing 5 > 10 > 50 > or more than 100 employees? Do you need help leading and manage 5 or more unique departments all in the same direction?

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Value Optimization

Sometimes the one thing holding your company back is the wrong product or service. I help you focus on selling the right product or service for the right price and using the right channels to reach your customers.

Method 2 : Increase Efficiency

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Optimize Yourself

A company can only grow as fast as its leaders and you are most likely holding yourself and worse, your team back. Let me help you 2x - 5x yourself and eliminate learning through trial and error which is a time waste.

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Optimize Your Organization

Let me help you upgrade your meetings, planning, strategy, and team coordination. Much time is lost when you have new leaders in new positions or areas of work, a lack of strategy and people all over the place.

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Optimize Your Team

Everyone wants the best and the brightest but not everyone can attract them. I will coach you how to do recruitment branding. I will also systemize your process so you hire the right person for the right position.

Companies Scaling

Here are some of the companies I am helping to expand their business in Japan and outside.

Client Testimonials

See what some of our 20+ clients have to say

What is the coaching process?

Here is our 3 step plan to start helping you grow your business.

Step 1 : Evaluate your business challenges

We discuss what challenges you are facing and we analyze what problems you are facing and what areas would have the biggest impact on achieving your goals as a business owner.

Step 2 : Chose 1 - 3 methods of scaling

I can help you and your team focus on one or several of the methods of growth listed above. Stop trying to do things by trial and error and let me help you scale those functions.

Step 3 : Support you on achieving your goals

We schedule a 60 minute appointment 2 to 12 times every month and come up with a quarterly plan, and then the strategy and tactics to make it a reality.

Meet the Growth Doctor

My name is Tyson Batino and let me help you supercharge your company to grow 2x - 5x each year.

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Growth Marketing

I have several years of experience doing PPC ads, content marketing, SEO strategy and ranking, and conversion rate optimization CRO, among others areas of marketing in English and Japanese. I also have N1 level Japanese.

Business Optimization

I have created a 6 and 7 figure companies in Japan and have experience working in most areas of business. Let me help you get more customers, better employees, and better processes to help you reduce costs and grow faster.

Recruitment Expansion

Recruitment systems I developed have hired more than 500 people. Can provide assistance on recruitment landing pages, analyzing and improving your recruitment funnel and pipeline, and how to choose the right people.

My Background in Japan

Founder of 3 successful businesses in Japan. Multi millions of dollars in revenue generated yearly

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Recognition International

I was a resident mentor (highest level of involvement) for the 2022 500 Global Aichi Landing Pad Accelerator and a mentor with high reviews at founder institute.

500 Global Mentor

Recognition Domestic

I have been recognized as an entrepreneur and done guest lectures on entrepreneurship at well-known universities in Japan.

Tyson Batino

Let's work together to scale your business

Free 45 minute consultation

By the end of our call, you will have a clear idea of what areas of your marketing, operations, CEO and staff development we can focus on to prepare your organization and yourself for doubling, tripling, or even 10x your company.

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