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See how we transformed our clients' websites into powerful marketing tools and helped boost their online presence and conversions.

Our Web Design Projects: Before and After

We are proud to present some of our best web design projects that showcase our expertise and creativity. We chose these websites based on their industry, target audience, goals, and challenges. We worked closely with each client to understand their needs and preferences, and to deliver a website that reflects their brand identity, enhances their user experience, and increases their conversion rate.

Use the sliders below to see the before and after!

Sample #1

Japan Switch - Japanese Language School


The website was passable but generally cluttered and somewhat difficult to navigate. It was receiving a good amount of traffic (around 28,000 new monthly users), and converted around 1% of visitors to the site.


The website was redesigned with a modern, clean, and responsive design. It had improved usability, functionality, and accessibility. Over the following months as a result of the redesign and several other initiatives (including local SEO, content marketing, etc.), the number of visitors to the site doubled (around 53,000 users monthly) as did the number of active students from 250 to over 500.  

Sample #2

MyCube - Private Women's Only Gym


The website had around 500 visitors a month, but the conversion rate was around .5% of visitors. People had a hard time imagining what their private room gym was like from the information on the website and people were sending inquiries to other gyms instead.


The website conversion rate doubled to 1% and the client was able to double monthly inquiries. The webpage visitors have a better idea of a private room gym is compared to a different type of gym and the copywriting was refined to specifically target their ideal user.

Sample  #3

Cambridge English - English School


The website looked like a standard website made in the mid-late 2000s. While the client school has a really solid curriculum and client satisfaction, visitors were not getting that impression from reading and exploring the website.


The copywriting and on-brand message was greatly improved to show what services they provide and the results that they could get for their clients. We expect to see an increase in the amount of time spent on the website and amount of pages read, which would lead to more conversions or more word of mouth after seeing the results we get. 

Let's talk about transforming your website.

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How we can transform your website into a powerful marketing tool

In today's digital era, a website isn't just an online business card. It's your brand's most significant asset and can be the driving force behind capturing potential customers. Let's dive into how we can metamorphose your website from just "functional" to an "exceptional, high-performing digital marketing instrument."

User Experience (UX) Enhancement

  • What it means

    Crafting a seamless, intuitive user journey tailored to your audience's needs.

  • How we do it

    By implementing responsive design, clear navigation, and interactive features to engage your users and decrease bounce rates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • What it means

    Ensuring your website ranks high on search engines so potential customers can find you.

  • How we do it

    By optimizing on-page elements, conducting comprehensive keyword research, and building a robust backlink profile.

Mobile Optimization

  • What it means

    Ensuring your website performs exceptionally on mobile devices, a crucial element given the increasing number of mobile web users.

  • How we do it

    By employing responsive design techniques, optimizing images, and streamlining elements for faster load times on mobile devices.

What results have we gotten so far?

We've had the privilege of helping businesses across various industries increase their conversions and boost their sales. For instance, in the education sector for our Japanese language school where we implemented our conversion-focused strategies. The result was a 

  • 1% increase in the website conversion rate
  • 5% increase in trial session attendance
  • Remarkable 10% boost in sign-ups

Our track record extends to the Fitness and Health sector, Language School/Apps, and the Travel Industry. We pride ourselves on being industry-agnostic, our approach is all about understanding your unique needs and crafting custom strategies that work for you. In a world where your online presence is more important than ever, let us help you make the most out of every website visitor. Reach out to us and let's start turning your website into a lead-generator.

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Let's talk about transforming your website.

We'd love to hear about your business and explore how we can help you grow.

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