Create an awesome business plan for 2024!

Online course + 1-1 sessions for business owners wanting to set a revenue target and a plan to make it a reality

Who Is This For?

CEOs of Small Companies

Your team wants to know your vision, goals, and what to focus on. Rather than driving them crazy with the flavor of the week, provide them some guidance on what to focus on for the next several months. Too much course correction leads people to under commit and lower moral.

Team Leaders and Managers

Your boss wants you to lead a team but often wants you to come up with the plan instead of make it themselves. You can use these formats to take their vision and KPIs and put them on a paper in a way your boss can approve and your team can execute and know who does what.

Why Do You Need A Business Plan?

Break Your Limitations In Business

How can you know what you are capable of if you do not send an ambitious target and create a plan to achieve it.

This 40,000 yen course can make you 10 - 100 millions of yen more a year.

Hire the Right People For Your Business

How will you know if you have the right team member or not? How will you know who the right person to hire is?

If you have a business plan, you know you need to hire someone who can make you achieve it in your timeline.

Attract Talented Staff To Your Team

Superstars and potential superstars want someone who has a vision and strategy and growth rate that will benefit their future career.

Creating an achievable but ambitious plan will motivate & attract them.

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Your Team Needs Guidance and Clarity

CEOs and staff members of companies I coach are surprised how clear the direction of my company is when I show them my monthly business plan. The what, who does it, and the why we do it are clear. This creates more alignment when people know what, why, when to do and better results and more output. Also prevents the boss (you) from giving staff "could be done" instead of "must be done" or "should be done" level work.

Turn Your Ideas and Vision into a Reality

Understand Past Business Performance

You will bring in your annual revenue and profits, and learn what your year over year growth, and also your month to month growth rate for your business.

Choose an Achievable Goal

Based on your past performance, we choose an achievable, realistic, challenging revenue goal to open your mind to new opportunities.

Evaluate Ways to Grow the Business

We will brainstorm ideas to increase revenue and decrease expenses. Next, choose the ideas to bridge the gap between your current and ideal revenue.

Create a Yearly Plan for Your Company

Let's Create Your Best Business Plan Yet!

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Understand your historical growth

Calculate year over year growth rate & revenue for the last 1 - 10 years with our built in calculator in minutes.


Determine key metrics for next year

Finalize a yearly revenue target and growth rate using our monthly revenue calculator, and brainstorm key metrics and KPIs to help you reach your revenue target.


Create business plan for the next year

Brainstorm revenue growth methods/services/models to help you increase your revenue, and break down the actions needed on a monthly and quarterly basis to achieve yearly goals.

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...And more!

I have included my 2024 business plan for you to use as a sample for your business plan, and I have included 6 months of my 2022 marketing data for you to use as reference in creating your plan + bonus video on how to come up with marketing and sales targets.


Your Coach, Tyson Batino

Scaling Your Company CEO Tyson Batino has experience scaling a company to 100 employees and creating two successful businesses. He can help the following leaders in areas like operations, leadership, marketing, sales, and personal growth and make the following transitions.


DIY Plan

JPY 33,000 / month
  • Two 30-minute 1-on-1s with me
  • Templates and Real Samples Provided
  • Access to All Videos
  • 2-Year Access to Course, Updates

Support Plan

JPY 55,000 / month
  • Four 30-minute 1-on-1s with me
  • Templates and Real Samples Provided
  • Access to All Videos
  • 2-Year Access to Course, Updates

Note: Yearly planning course cohorts may avail of a 14-day money back guarantee. Check the FAQ for more information!


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