What We Do?

Help you guide your team to business growth

Framework Creation


What is a Business Framework?

I will create a framework to help you visualize and observe your problems from multiple angles you have never considered. Your framework will also be designed to solve future problems that will come up that is related to the current problem.

Examples of Frameworks

  • Business Partnership Selection Framework
  • Finding the Right Customer Framework
  • Hiring the Right Person Framework
  • Layouts for Building Websites + Sales Pamphlets
  • Many many more......

Business Planning

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What Exactly is Business Planning?

One of the main reasons small businesses are unable to grow double and triple in size every year is because they do not have a solid business plan. Many of my clients are beginners to planning and I will help you improve your foresight and execution skills. Remember, no plan will ever go according to plan, but the goal is to help you become 70% accurate.

Examples of Business Planning

We would create your company goals for the year first than....

  • Hiring goals and month by month actions
  • Marketing goals and month by month actions
  • Sales goals and month by month actions
  • Operation goals and month by month actions
  • Staff development goals and month by month actions

Let's Upgrade your Business Operating System

Frameworks and yearly planning will become routine for you after my help.

Accountability Coaching

business kpis

What is KPI accountability coaching?

We will create a business scorecard with your most important KPIs and sub KPIs which are tied into your yearly goals. I will check your performance twice a month to see if you are on pace and provide guidance if you are not on target.

Who can benefit from KPI coaching?

A business owner who struggles staying focused and switches from idea to idea and leads to confusion and lower morale among the staff.

An employee who needs guidance to achieve company growth plans. I can personally coach one of your employees on the sprinting plan. Employees I have coached are grateful because they normally would not have access to me.

Advisor and Friend

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How does advising and mentoring work?

You will present your most urgent need in our coaching session. We will identify the core problem or ideal situation and come up with an action plan to achieve what you need.

Who can this benefit?

This model benefits a business owner who has a solid business plan in place and needs someone who provide some guidance and advise on the roadblocks that occur.

This model benefits a business owner who has a leadership team, but needs someone neutral to consult with.

This model can also benefit the owner who is stuck in the weeds of the day to day and just needs help getting some air to breathe.

Additional ways I can help

Recruitment and HR

reduce hiring costs
reduce bad hires
faster employee onboarding
increase employee satisfaction
increase employee stay time


seo marketing strategy
pay per click advertising
improve analytics and data
wordpress security & optimization
conversion rate optimization


evaluate business operational level
evaluate finances and costs
create a business scorecard
create quarter and yearly plans
and more....

Do you have the skills needed to make a 7 figure business?

No book can prepare you for the challenges of creating an organization from your business.

Let me help you navigate these challenges as your grow your business and yourself.

Low 6 Figure Founder Before Coaching

  • Long Term Planning Skills
  • Team Management Skills

After Two Years of Coaching

  • Long Term Planning Skills
  • Team Management Skills

Helping Founders Like You

I am currently helping more than 20 companies scale their business. Are you ready to upgrade yourself and your business?

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What areas can you help me with?

I have founded a company in Japan that has grown to over 200 employees in 6 years. I also founded another business that achieved mid six figure sales in one year. I have a lot of experience to help you navigate the challenges and stress of being a founder as you grow your company.

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