How a creative business owner grew revenue more than 70% in one year

Revenue rose by 70%, rising above JPY 10,000,000

SEO, Facebook ads boosted lead generation efforts

Efforts contributed to CEO’s improved work-life balance

Meet the Client

Client C operates as a solo graphic designer. Specializing in digital illustrations, Client C has earned a reputation for producing works that are not only visually stunning but also highly functional. His portfolio reveals a mix of corporate work and small business work.

What Was Client C's Challenge?

While Client C was a pro with design tools, he faced challenges when it came to the business side of being an independent designer. Despite an impressive portfolio, his business was not growing at the desired rate. The lack of a strong online presence and SEO optimization kept him invisible to potential clients who were searching for services in his domain and although word of mouth was enough to be comfortable, this client wanted his business to thrive. His focus on the creative process also meant that he had little time for marketing or strategic planning. Additionally, his rates were not reflective of the high-quality work he was delivering.

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When Client C realized the need for an advisor to take their business to the next level, he approached me for assistance. We began with a holistic analysis of how he was spending his time, a review of his existing client contracts, and an evaluation of his financials. It was immediately evident that he was undercharging for his services and missing out on harnessing the full potential of digital marketing and SEO and branding.

We kickstarted our collaborative journey by implementing MEO strategies, remarkably propelling him to a #1 ranking on Google Maps for graphic designers for their city, and ranking between 5 and 6 on google search terms. To complement this, we shifted his perspective from short-term planning to an annual outlook, setting financial goals with a concrete plan to achieve them.

We also pushed him to spend more time on marketing and guided him through setting up a Facebook Ads campaign. To deal with his apprehensions about raising his rates, we employed financial simulations that showed the potential upsides and managed the transition carefully to ensure client retention. We also encouraged and brainstormed ideas for new revenue streams and more importantly what not to focus on.


What Was The Result?

In a span of 1.25 years, his business revenue soared by over 70%, crossing the 10,000,000 yen threshold. The SEO and Facebook Ads initiatives led to increased visibility and client engagement, thereby boosting his lead generation. By focusing on annual goals, we were able to streamline and outsource work so this leader would have the time to further grow their skills and be able to charge even more for their services moving forward.

All in all, Client C now enjoys a balanced life where he can fully exercise his creative skills while also experiencing the benefits of a well-run, profitable business.

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