How Japan Switch reduced customer acquisition cost by 70% through email marketing and organic traffic

Replaced paid ad acquisition with 100% organic inbound customers

High trial lesson signup rate for adults of over 80%

Grew SEO from 0 > 20,000 monthly visitors (ranked page 1 of Google for 69 keywords)

Increased website conversion rate from .2% to .5%

Grew email newsletter to 12,000 subscribers

Meet the Team


Japan Switch was created through a collaboration between Coto Language Academy and One Coin English with the goal of providing a low cost option of Japanese lessons for foreigners in Tokyo who are unable to commit to an intensive program and do not need the focused effort and constant support an intensive programs provide.

Goal for Japan Switch

The Japan Switch marketing team wanted to diversify their marketing channels and become less reliant on facebook and instagram ads. Internal changes in the Facebook ads system and in smartphone privacy settings created a volatile and unpredictable business landscape that led them to not limit themselves to one platform, although it was performing very well.

The Japan Switch determined that they wanted to grow their traffic and reach an audience that would lead to conversions and revenue. They wanted to unlock content and email marketing to complement their highly effective paid acquisition that the Scaling Your Company team was already helping them on. They also wanted to increase the website conversion rate because they foresaw the cost to acquire customers from Facebook and instagram increasing.


Case Study

Services Web design, branding, SEO                         Duration 2 years 

Japan Switch had zero organic presence on google search so we had to start from scratch. Additionally, they are a weekday morning and afternoon language school that does not provide visa sponsorship, does not provide support for the popular Japanese language proficiency test, nor Japanese reading and writing, nor business Japanese lessons.

This created a challenge for us in the website creation and SEO strategy because most people were looking for a type of lesson the client did not provide. We also had to answer the question of how to balance the SEO budget by evaluating high search volume traffic that won’t convert and highly relevant keywords with less search traffic and what words we can rank for considering we had just started the website to provide ROI to the client with their marketing budget.


We really needed to understand the customer better than competition and also understand what made Japanese students choose Japan Switch in the first place. We surveyed potential customers and existing customers to really understand the pain points of learning Japanese and living in Japan. The students gave us some very unique insights into what they were pleased with the current service, how they found the service, and why they chose the survey in such a crowded market.


Our Certified Process


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