Japan Scalers : Scaling Tripadvisor in Japan with Michael Stobo

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This is a very special episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast. It will be our first of many episodes on Japan Scalers. In this series, we will only interview guests who have surpassed 100 million yen in revenue annually. We have many interesting guests lined up for the upcoming episode, so make sure to follow us on social media and stay up to date with the podcast. In this sixth episode, Michael Stobo joins us to share his experience scaling Tripadvisor. From 2014 to 2019, he served as the APAC Group Product Manager for Tripadvisor in Tokyo, where he grew the site’s revenue, traffic, and engagement. With nearly 15 years in the online travel industry, Michael recently led the technology team at Tabist, developing B2B and B2C products for the hotel sector. Currently, he is a product management consultant and leader, advising and coaching companies on all aspects of product management. Tune in as Michael discusses his expertise as a former product manager and the importance of collaborating with the right team to successfully manage a company.

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Show Notes

00:00: Introduction
4:14 About Tripadvisor
8:42 What Does a Product Manager Do?
11:22 Interdepartmental Communication
14:10 Programming Skills
16:44 Type of Product Manager
18:00 Working with the Right People and Team
22:22 Important Role of a Product Manager
26:39 Scaling Tripadvisor
30:41 Bringing It To Japan
35:44 Framework in Decision Making
41:17 Tips on Communicating to Headquarters
43:54 Managing SEO
48:13 Communicating with the Japanese Team
54:34 Developing Confidence and Trust within the Japanese Team
57:21 About The Guest and Travel Industry

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