Corporate Venture Capital with Makoto Shibata

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In this episode of the Scaling Japan podcast we are so lucky to be joined by Makoto Shibata, the head of FINOLAB. He will be sharing his knowledge on corporate venture capital (CVC) and how it can be used to help greatly accelerate the growth of a company. Makoto explains how to appropriately evaluate a CVC and how it can be structured. In previous episodes, the Scaling Japan podcast has also covered other financial tools such as angel investment and venture capital so be sure to check those out. This episode is a part of our comprehensive guide to venture capital in Japan.

This podcast episode is excellent for:

  • Business owners looking to effectively utilize corporate venture capital
  • Business owners who want to better structure CVC

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Show Notes

(1:06) Makoto Shibata’s Self introduction

(2:30) What is corporate venture capital (CVC)

(6:33) What makes corporate venture capital different from venture capital

(9:32) How can an entrepreneur evaluate a CVC

(15:50) What kind of professional should you look for

(16:39) Reasons why a corporation would set up a CVC

(19:30) How to approach a CVC

(21:57) What services does FINOLAB provide (25:36) Effect of CVC structure

(26:57) CVC in Japan vs. CVC in Western countries

(30:55) Alternative ways of raising funds

(36:10) FINOLAB youtube channel

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