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Scaling Companies and Delegation with Sylvain Pierre

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Sylvain Pierre, founder of the Le Wagon Japan branch, joins us in this episode of the Scaling Japan podcast to share his experiences with scaling multiple companies. He talks about what it is like for a company to go through different stages of growth and how different types of organizational frameworks may work better. He also gives helpful advice on delegation and the hiring process for first time founders. 

This podcast episode is excellent for:

  • Business owners looking to scale their own company  
  • Business owners looking to improve their delegation and hiring processes
  • First time founders interested in hearing from someone with experience of starting and growing a company

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Show Summary

 0:49 Sylvain Pierre’s self introduction

3:08 Basic stages of scaling your company

3:38 Sylvain Pierre’s experience with creating a company in Vietnam

12:49 Open organization explained

14:03 Top down organization explained

15:59 Sylvain Pierre’s experience with the growth stages of Le Wagon

20:07 Hiring mistakes companies make and solutions to those problems

25:35 Additional thoughts on the hiring process

28:29 Background on delegation

33:15 Where to find Sylvain Pierre and what Le Wagon offers

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