trends to guide your business in 2022

3 Trends to Guide Your Business for 2022

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Episode Summary

As we are transitioning into 2022, this special episode is brought to you by the podcast host, Tyson Batino. He is the founder of Scaling Your Company, a business coaching company, and also Japan Switch and One Coin English. Tyson Batino shares his three biggest business takeaways from 2021 which can help you in improving your 2022 business plan goals. 

This podcast episode is excellent for :

  • Companies interested in improving their 2022 business plans
  • Entrepreneurs looking for advice to scale their businesses

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Show Notes

(0:58) #1 Changes in Digital Marketing that will Affect Your Business 

(7:44) #2 Having the Right Business Model

(11:24) #3 Many Companies are Still Not Good at Recruitment Branding in 2021

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