Japan Scalers : Scaling Code Chrysalis in Japan with Yan Fan

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This is a very special episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast. It will be our first of many episodes on Japan Scalers. In this series, we will only interview guests who have surpassed 100 million yen in revenue annually. We have many interesting guests lined up for the upcoming episode, so make sure to follow us on social media and stay up to date with the podcast. In this fifth episode, we are thrilled to welcome Yan Fan, Co-founder of Code Chrysalis, as she shares her expertise in guiding individuals aspiring to establish careers in Japan’s software engineering and tech sectors. This insightful discussion will delve into the importance of soft skills and a growth mindset in navigating the Japanese business landscape. Join us as Yan recounts the journey of nurturing Code Chrysalis, overcoming challenges, and ultimately achieving the remarkable success it has today.

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Show Notes

00:00: Introduction
3:48 Competitive Advantage: Work Experience and Growth Mindset
7:36 Career Direction and Mindset
9:43 Overcoming Challenges in Communicating Unique Selling Point
12:54 Stage 1
17:18 How Did You Communicate Success?
21:50 Community Building and Innovation
27:29 Personality and Business Style
30:02 Stage 2
32:00 Catalyst for Team Building
35:55 Other Challenges and “Grandiolarity Switching”
40:20 Unique Insights on Stage 2
45:24 Stage 3: Pivoting to Corporate Training
50:44 Challenges in Stage 3
1:02:47 Adapting to Evolve

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