Japan Scalers : Scaling YouTube in Japan with David Macdonald

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This is a very special episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast. It will be our first of many episodes on Japan Scalers. In this series, we will only interview guests who have surpassed 100 million yen in revenue annually. We have many interesting guests lined up for the upcoming episode, so make sure to follow us on social media and stay up to date with the podcast. In this fourth episode, we are delighted to welcome David Macdonald, founder and CEO of DJMAC. His company specializes in corporate consulting and advisory, particularly in global and intercultural business challenges, drawing upon his extensive experience at Docomo, Disney, and YouTube, as well as his role as an outside director at KADOKAWA Corporation. Join us as David shares his journey as one of YouTube’s early executives in Japan and Asia, and how he led the team that expanded the creator economy in the region. Starting with just 5 team members, David grew it to over 50 in 5 years, benefiting tens of thousands of YouTubers and businesses.

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Show Notes

00:00: Introduction
1:26 What is the “Creator Economy”?
2:38 Competitive Advantage
3:17 Stage 1 and the History of Youtube in Japan
7:25 Localization of the Market
10:12 Talent Scouting Youtubers and Partner
16:05 Tips on Getting Partners on Board
19:07 The Turning Point of Youtube
28:35 Importance of Localized Content
34:40 Who are the Right People to Hire?
37:22 What Defines Stage 2?
41:46 Challenges of Youtube
47:55 Takeaways from the Interview
49:08 What’s Next?

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