Influencer Marketing in Japan with Stephen Heller from Hashi Media

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Welcome to another episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast. In this episode, we are joined by Steve Heller, the Chief Operating Officer of Hashi Media, a rapidly rising social media and influencer marketing agency based in Tokyo. The company specializes in tech, gaming, and lifestyle brands, serving a wide range of clients from small businesses to industry giants like Alibaba, MSI, and Dell. Join us as Steve shares his expertise on influencer marketing in Japan, covering topics such as brand awareness, choosing the right platform, and more.

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Show Notes

00:00 : Introduction
1:59 Influencer Marketing
5:01 What is an Influencer?
07:37 Unique Influencers in Japan
8:57 What is a Talento?
11:09 Tiers of Influencers
13:19 Media Platforms Influencers Use in Japan
15:12 Twitter as an Influencer Marketing Channel
17:29 Reaching Out to Influencers and Content Creators
20:43 Differences Between the Tiers
23:31 Advantages of Working With Hashi Media
25:43 Conflict Between Influencers and Agencies
28:57 Tips For a Company Doing Effective Influencer Marketing in Japan
32:27 Measuring the Success of a Campaign
36:39 Foreign Influencer Market in Japan
43:33 Trends in Influencer Marketing in Japan
44:42 Tips for Corporations Who Would Like to Work With Influencer Marketing Agencies
47:18 More Information about Hashi Media

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