Understanding VCs in Japan

Part 2: VCs in Japan with Schyler Alexandra Cole

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In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast, we are happy to welcome back Schyler Alexandra Cole, an associate at Incubate Fund and a founder of Startup Co-Creation Community. Be sure to check out our previous episode together, episode 40: VCs in Japan, where we talked about how to better understand what venture capitalists are looking for. Today, we will be continuing that conversation as well as delving into how to successfully raise money. This episode is a part of our comprehensive guide to venture capital in Japan.

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Show Notes

(2:30) Types of companies and business models that VC firms invest in

(4:18) Types of companies that VCs avoid

(5:36) What it means to ‘have traction’

(8:24) Early-stage capital

(9:49) Understanding founder market fit

(11:03) Working together with a co-founder

(12:19) Reasons why VCs reject companies

(13:35) Understanding the meanings behind key VC language

(18:39) Why things might be lagging in between steps

(19:32) Average investment amount for pre-seed

(20:35) How can a pre-seed founder increase their chances of being funded

(23:11) Expectations of seed stage explained

(23:43) Expectations of Series A explained

(27:21) How to effectively follow up

(30:13) Additional tips

(33:10) Important questions to ask investors

(38:56) Advice for creating great pitch decks

(42:25) Determining valuation in Japan

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