How The English Home in Kanto grew monthly revenue by 50% in 7 months for less than 300,000 yen

Grow the school from 70 to 130 active students over a 9 month period

Free up ~30% of CEO’s time by making decisions on what to do and not do

Raise prices ~10%, no decrease in customer satisfaction, no customers lost.

Meet the Client

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The English Home, founded by Sarah, is a distinguished English school nestled in the Kanto region in a city with more than 300,000 people. Her school is garnering a reputation for effectively teaching Japanese children, creating an atmosphere conducive to exploration and learning. One of their standout features is their commitment to Eiken test preparation. Many students have successfully navigated the Eiken exams, a testament to Sarah’s adept teaching methods and curriculum.

Alongside their in-person classes, they also are growing an online platform connecting eager young learners with their certified English tutors. 

What Was The Challenge?

Sarah is known locally for her high quality language lessons. People were eager to enroll in her classes due to her engaging and effective teaching style. However, with her intense focus on teaching, she found little time to familiarize herself with the responsibilities and nuances of being a CEO. Despite her passion for expanding her business, she recognized her lack of managerial and business growth knowledge as a hindrance. Additionally, the school had shrunk by 25% due to COVID.


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Recognizing the need for external expertise, she reached out to me. I started by helping her by analyzing how she spends her time, understanding her vision and personality and how it relates to growing the business long-term, and how the school is performing from a revenue, profit and growth perspective. I immediately noticed she was undercharging for her services and was neglecting a high potential marketing growth channel.

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What Was The Result?

We were able to grow the school from 70 to 130 active students over a 9 month period and also free up more than 30% of the CEOs time by making decisions on what to do and not do. This growth in one month has already paid off the amount invested in our advisory services.

We were also able to raise prices by around 10% without decreasing customer satisfaction and without losing additional customers. We are also putting in place a strategy to increase customer spending by 10 - 15% and a plan to further increase prices in the future and structure to achieve this.

Due to the success of our consulting and advisory services for her business, we were able to use the additional profit to develop a website for her with our digital marketing agency to further grow student numbers.

Our Certified Process


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