Top Japan Podcast in 2024

Top Japan Podcasts in 2024

At this time when Japan is most affordable and welcoming to foreigners, the global interest in its culture and media rapidly grows. For those unable to visit, Japanese podcasts offer a unique road into the country’s heart. This selection of podcasts, covering everything from business content to cultural insights and language learning, provides an experience of Japan. Dive into Japan’s rich culture and stories through these podcasts, allowing the beauty of Japan to reach you, wherever you are in your comfort through your headphones.

Listening to Japan Podcasts by yourself from anywhere

Growth of Japan Podcasts

Japan’s podcasting scene has significantly grown recently. In December 2022, an Asahi Shimbun survey revealed that 15.7% of the population, or an estimated 16.8 million people, listen to podcasts monthly. This trend extends beyond Japanese natives to include foreigners living in Japan, highlighting a diverse and expanding podcast listener base across the country.

The rise in podcast listening in Japan is due to the medium’s ability to offer something for everyone. From cultural insights and language learning to a variety of engaging topics, podcasts have become a go-to source of entertainment and information for many in Japan, appealing to a wide audience.

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Lifestyle Podcasts

Exploring Japanese culture, travel tales, and celebrity gossip is now easy with these captivating podcasts. Ideal for anyone curious about or planning to experience Japan, these podcasts are a must-listen for a deep dive into the country’s fascinating aspects.

Unpacking Japan

Real Stories from Japan: Exploring the lives of foreigners who have fully immersed themselves in Japanese language and culture. From masters of traditional arts, to entrepreneurs, to cosplayers and drag queens, Unpacking Japan shares fascinating stories of unique individuals from every corner of Japan.

Tune in to Unpacking Japan every week for an authentic and inspiring conversation about life in this amazing country.

Unpacking Japan YouTube Channel

  • Episode Count: 55+ Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 1 hour
  • Upload Frequency: Weekly

Abroad in Japan

The creator of Abroad in Japan and a YouTube star with 2.5 million followers, Chris shares his 10-year experience in Japan through his podcast. Together with co-host Pete Donaldson, they talk about culture, food, and travel. They make the show fun by sharing weekly stories and answering listener questions. Check out their podcast for a fun look at life in Japan.

  • Episode Count: 450+ Episodes 
  • Average Episode Length: 30 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Every Sunday and Wednesday (Updated: 2/29/2024)

Voices in Japan

Join Burke, Ben, and Matt in Hokkaido every week for their insightful podcast, giving you a real look at Japanese life. They share personal stories and views on everything from work and learning the language to local customs, holidays, and traditions.

  • Episode Count: 190+ episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 45 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Roughly 3 times a month (Updated: 2/29/2024)

Transformations with Jayne

Transformations with Jayne is a podcast by Jayne Nakata, who lives in Fukushima, Japan. She shares inspiring stories of international women who are doing great in Japan. Jayne talks about their lives and successes. Besides, Jayne runs PodLaunch with Jayne, an agency that has won awards, and BYO PodLaunch, a system to help people start and keep up their podcasts.

  • Episode Count: 140+ episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 1 hour
  • Upload Frequency: Every 1-2 months (Updated: 2/29/2024)

TAKASHii from Japan

Dive into Japan with Takashii, a well-known content creator. He shares fascinating interviews on his YouTube and TikTok (@takahashiifromjapan), giving you a real taste of Japanese culture, lifestyle, and travel. Watch his videos and podcasts to get useful insights, tips, and personal stories that highlight the different sides of Japan through various viewpoints.

Watch this interview where a former employee of Scaling Your Company’s CEO’s other company, One Coin English, shares heartwarming experiences and insights about teaching English in Japan.

  • Video Count: 300+ videos
  • Average Video Length: 15 mins
  • Upload Frequency: Once a week (Updated: 2/29/2024)

Deep Dive from The Japan Times

“Deep Dive from The Japan Times” offers insightful analysis of Japan’s most pressing issues, featuring expert commentary and in-depth discussions on politics, culture, and society, ideal for those seeking a deeper understanding of Japan.

  • Video Count: 180+ videos
  • Average Video Length: 30 mins
  • Upload Frequency: Once a week (Updated: 2/29/2024)

Japan Travel and Friends

This podcast offers insights and stories about traveling in Japan, shared by hosts and guests with a passion for the culture. This is perfect for you who are interested in traveling around Japan.

  • Video Count: 22 videos
  • Average Video Length: 30 mins
  • Upload Frequency: Twice a week (Updated: 2/29/2024)

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Japanese Culture Podcasts 

Dive into interesting Japan’s culture with these amazing podcasts! You’ll explore everything from delicious food and magical folktales to beloved traditions and history, all in a fun and friendly tone. Join the adventure and get a closer look at what makes Japan truly unique.

Japan Eats!

Akiko Katayama, head of The New York Japanese Culinary Academy, hosts the podcast “Japan Eats!” where she takes you on a journey through Japan’s tastes. Every week, she chats with a guest about Japan’s unique foods and the culture and traditions behind them. “Japan Eats!” is like a podcast passport to Japanese cooking.

  • Episode Count: 350+ Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 55 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Roughly weekly (Updated: 2/29/2024)

Uncanny Japan

Theresa Matsuura takes you through Japan’s fascinating legends and superstitions in her podcast, “Uncanny Japan.” She loves these mysterious stories and brings them to life, making you feel like you’re right in the middle of Japan’s most intriguing tales. What makes her podcast stand out is how she tells each story, making legends feel real and alive.

  • Episode Count: 150+ episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 15 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Twice a month (Updated: 2/29/2024)

History of Japan

Isaac Meyer, who loves Japan’s history after 1600, hosts the “History of Japan” podcast. It’s great for those curious about Japan’s past but might not know much about history. Isaac starts with Japan’s basic timeline, faded Japan, and how it became the amazing country it is today.

  • Episode Count: 500+ Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 30 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Every Friday (Updated: 2/29/2024)

Japan Archives

Heather and Thomas, friends from different parts of Japan, host “Japan Archives.” Thomas explores myths and folklore, while Heather introduces cultural treasures like poems and songs. Their podcast offers a unique blend of storytelling and cultural insights, making the culture accessible and entertaining for their listeners.

  • Episode Count: 150+ episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 25 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Roughly twice a month(Updated: 02/29/2024)

Why Why Japan!?

Exploring unique cultures: The “Why Why Japan!?” podcast explores the intriguing aspects of Japanese lifestyle, society, and culture aiming to answer the curious “whys” behind Japan’s unique characteristics and phenomena.

  • Episode Count: 23 episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 30 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Unpredictable (Updated: 02/29/2024)

Business Podcasts

Jump into Japan’s bustling business world with these insightful podcasts! You’ll hear from top industry leaders and gain valuable knowledge about Japan’s economy and business practices. For more details on these podcasts and episode recommendations, check out our full article for an engaging read.

Scaling Japan Podcast

Tyson Batino founded “Scaling Your Company,” a firm helping business owners scale their businesses significantly. On his “Scaling Japan” podcast, Tyson talks with experienced business professionals in Japan, who share their stories and tips. It’s a great resource for business owners wanting to take their companies to higher levels, with its up-to-date information for any listeners!

  • Episode Count: 66 Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 30 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Roughly Three times a month (Updated: 03/06/2024)

We recommend our best episodes of “How to Improve Sales in Japan with Fuminori Gunji” and “E-commerce in Japan with Arisa Ueno”.

Episode 13: How to Improve Sales in Japan with Fuminori Gunji

In this episode of the Scaling Japan podcast, we welcome Fuminori Gunji, Deel Inc.’s global alliance manager with a decade of experience in business development and sales. Fuminori explores the sales culture differences between Western countries and Japan, offering insights on identifying the ideal salesperson and the key traits hiring managers should prioritize.

Episode 31: E-commerce in Japan with Arisa Ueno

In this episode, we’re joined by Arisa Chelsea Ueno, a consultant renowned for her role in launching Shopify Japan and developing its e-commerce ecosystem. Arisa shares insights on Japan’s e-commerce landscape and how international companies can effectively engage Japanese consumers. She offers strategies for customizing web designs and practical advice to boost website conversion rates.

Now and Zen Japan

Andrew Hankinson, a top manager at Zwilling J.A. Henckels Japan, hosts the “Now and Zen Japan” podcast. It’s where Japanese experts talk about their experiences and share lessons from Japanese business and culture. The podcast features a variety of professionals, making it a fun and informative listen for anyone interested in Japan.

  • Episode Count: 70+ Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 45 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Once a month (Updated: 2/29/2024)

Business Success Japan

Lydia Beukelman, who teaches English in Japan, hosts the “Business Success” podcast. She explores Japanese business through a cultural lens, giving listeners insights into Japan’s business scene. This podcast is a great source for staying updated on the latest business trends and changes in Japan.

  • Episode Count: 80+ Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 45 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Once a month (Updated 2/29/2024) 

Disrupting Japan

Tim Romero, who runs Google for Startups in Japan, hosts “Disrupting Japan,” a top podcast about the country’s startup scene. He talks with startup founders and CEOs about their innovative work, offering insights into Japan’s changing startup world. This podcast is perfect for anyone wanting to keep up with new companies and trends in the Japanese startup community.

  • Episode Count: 200+ Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 30 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Once a month (Updated 8/21/2023)

Japan Business Mastery Show

Dr. Greg Story, a master trainer at Dale Carnegie Tokyo Japan, hosts six distinct podcasts. Among them, the Japan Mastery Show stands out, offering concise and efficient coverage of a wide range of business topics. Ideal for time-conscious listeners seeking to expand their knowledge of business in Japan.

  • Episode Count: 200+ Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 10 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: Weekly (Updated 2/29/2024)

Japanese Language

Tired of textbooks for learning Japanese? Check out these podcasts designed to boost your Japanese skills. They cover various points, such as grammar and key phrases; however, the main focus lies in sharing experiences that can make you better used to Japanese dialogue!

Learn Japanese Pod

Join Alex Brooke, Asuka Naito, and Ami Sensei on “Learn Japanese Pod” for a fun way to improve your Japanese. They dive into dialogues and grammar in detail. Plus, “Fun Friday” episodes add excitement with interesting guests from Japan. It’s a great podcast for anyone interested in Japanese language and culture.

  • Episode Count: 160+ Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 45 minutes 
  • Japanese Level: Beginner to Intermediate (Updated 2/29/2024)


The Tofugu podcast, from the team behind a well-known Japanese learning site, is a great tool for learners at all levels. It breaks down Japanese grammar and dives into the culture, making it perfect for anyone looking to understand both the language and the cultural context. 

  • Episode Count: 110+ Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 1 hour
  • Upload Frequency: Roughly monthly (inactive)
  • Latest episode: 04/25/2023 (Updated: 2/29/2024)
  • Japanese Level: Beginner to Advanced (All)

Japanese with Shun

Italki Japanese sensei Shun has made a podcast perfect for Japanese learners. He focuses mainly on Genki 1 grammar, offering a fun and easy way to learn. Shun is dedicated to helping you improve and is ready to guide you to higher-level Japanese skills. He’s excited to be part of your language learning journey, making sure you get the support you need.

  • Episode Count: 208 Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: less than 10 minutes
  • Japanese Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • Upload Frequency: Roughly weekly (Updated: 2/29/2024)

Japanese podcast for beginners (Nihongo con Teppei)

“Nihongo Con Teppei” stands out as a top podcast for learning Japanese. It’s perfect for those who want to pick up the language naturally and easily. Teppei, the host, is a native Japanese speaker who also knows Spanish and English. He mixes his language skills with cultural knowledge to help you learn effectively. The podcast’s name, including ‘con’ from Spanish meaning ‘with,’ shows off Teppei’s language skills.

  • Episode Count: 1100+ Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 4 minutes
  • Japanese Level: Mostly Beginner
  • Upload Frequency: Daily (Updated: 2/29/2024)

The Miku Real Japanese Podcast

A Japanese teacher named Miku created this podcast to teach listeners real, conversational Japanese. Through engaging lessons and discussions, it aims to improve language skills practically and enjoyably, while learning about the culture at the same time!

  • Episode Count: 127 Episodes
  • Average Episode Length: 20-30 minutes
  • Japanese Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Upload Frequency: Weekly (Updated: 2/29/2024)

Japan Podcast Today

Listening to Podcasts on your headphones

As of 2024, Japan’s podcasting scene thrives with a rich variety of engaging content, meeting the demand for high-quality podcasts. These active podcasts deliver consistently excellent material, offering deep insights into Japanese life. Not just focused on quantity, these podcasts provide valuable content, making them essential for those interested in Japan. Additionally, they’re expanding onto platforms like YouTube and TikTok, reflecting the changing preferences of modern audiences. This expansion invites listeners to delve into the evolving world of Japan-focused podcasts.


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