Top 5 Japan Business Podcasts

In Japan, a survey conducted by the Asahi Shimbun shows that 47.1% of the respondents have started to listen to podcasts as of 2020. As the popularity of podcasts is rapidly rising, here are some amazing podcasts on business in Japan, in no particular order, that you should check out.

Scaling Japan

The Scaling Japan podcast is hosted by Tyson Batino. He is the founder of Scaling Your Company, a business coaching company, along with One Coin English and Japan Switch. Scaling Japan is a podcast that focuses on useful advice from experienced experts in many different fields of business such as operations, marketing, talent management and more. Compared to other podcasts, this one focuses on tactics to grow your existing business and not so much on philosophy, social issues and story telling.

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Episode count as of January 2022: 5

Average episode length: 30 minutes

Upload frequency: 3 times a month

This podcast is excellent for:

  • Established small business owners and country managers in Japan who are making more than 100,000 USD yearly revenue and have several employees
  • People interested in business problems and their solutions

Now and Zen Japan

The Now and Zen Japan podcast is hosted by Andrew Hankinson, the senior managing director at Zwilling J. A. Henckels Japan Ltd. This conservational podcast allows Japan experts to share their stories and lessons learned on business and culture. From marketing experts to airline professionals, there are a wide variety of topics covered by people of many different professions.

Episode count as of January 2022: 53

Average episode length: 45 minutes

Upload frequency: Twice a month

This podcast is excellent for:

  • People who are want to know what it is like to experience work and life Japan
  • People interested in hearing directly from experts/professionals

Business Success Japan

The Business Success Japan podcast is hosted by Lydia Beukelman, an assistant language teacher in Japan. The podcast is centered around the current Japanese business environment and offers an in depth view into the cultural context of Japan. With helpful suggestions and insights offered, this podcast is a great listen for anyone interested in keeping up to date with business in Japan.

Episode count as of January 2022: 59

Average episode length: 1 hour

Upload frequency: Twice a month

This podcast is excellent for:

  • People who want to develop a better understanding of current trends and improve their business skills

Disrupting Japan

The Disrupting Japan podcast is hosted by Tim Romero, the head of Google for Startups Japan. This exciting podcast is the first and largest podcast in Japan that talks about startups. Disrupting Japan is an informative podcast that explores different innovations and market entry in Japan.

Episode count as of January 2022: 199

Average episode length: 20-45 minutes

Upload frequency: Monthly

This podcast is excellent for:

  • People interested in learning more about Japanese business culture
  • People who want to discover more information about Japan’s startup scene

Japan Business Mastery Show

The Japan Business Mastery Show is hosted by Dr. Greg Story, master trainer at Dale Carnegie Tokyo Japan and author of the bestselling books “Japan Sales Mastery,” “Japan Business Mastery” and “Japan Presentations Mastery.” He is also the host of five other podcasts in English and four in Japanese. Similar to Dr. Story’s other podcast, The Cutting Edge Japan Business Show, the Japan Mastery Show also covers the topics leadership, sales and presentations but just in a shorter manner.

Episode count as of January 2022: 121

Average episode length: 10 minutes

Upload frequency: Weekly

This podcast is excellent for:

  • People who do not have much time but are still interested in learning about business in Japan

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