Takuo Urushihara

Building a Community in Japan with Takuo Urushihara from Venture Cafe

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In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast, we welcome Takuo Urushihara, who serves as the Program Manager (international) for Venture Café Tokyo. Recommended by acquaintances for his expertise in community building, Takuo has spearheaded the growth of Venture Cafés, initially beginning with events in Tokyo and expanding to numerous other cities across Japan and throughout Asia. His efforts have successfully attracted both Japanese locals and foreigners to participate in their events, showcasing the inclusive nature of their initiatives. In this podcast, Takuo discusses communities that exist in Japan, what Japanese and Foreign guests seek from venture cafes, and insights on building a community!

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Show Notes

(00:00): Introduction
(3:31): About CIC and venture cafes
(7:35): What type of communities exist in Japan?
(14:36): The concept of “online salon” communities in Japan
(19:03): What do both Japanese and Foreign guests seek from venture cafes and start-up events in a multicultural community?
(27:40): What do both Japanese and Foreign guests seek from venture cafes and start-up events in a Japanese community?
(29:55): Insights on building the core group of a community
(42:19): Networking culture in Japan vs. America
(45:15): Tips for growing your community

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