PR and Media in Japan with Momoka Ebi from Redhill

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In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast, we welcome Momoka Ebi, an accomplished professional specializing in PR, sales, and marketing. At Redhill Japan, Momoka oversees key client management while driving sales, human resources, and marketing initiatives. With Redhill’s rapid growth since 2014 and its presence in 22 countries across Asia, Momoka emphasizes the firm’s focus on providing comprehensive PR solutions to both foreign companies entering Japan and Japanese firms expanding globally. This episode touches on topics of Redhill’s role in helping companies in Japan, PR localization, working with traditional media in Japan, and many more. Listen in to get to know more about PR!

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Show Notes

(00:00): Introduction
(1:20): About Redhill Japan
(1:45): How does Redhill help companies in Japan?
(2:06): What type of clients does Redhill have?
(3:02): What is PR?
(4:23): Difference between PR and marketing
(7:11): How can PR be beneficial for doing business in Japan?
(11:40): How does Japanese culture affect the way you do PR?
(15:55): What are some common pitfalls that companies make in doing their PR?
(18:44): Impact of Social Media in PR
(21:05): Differences between the Japanese and foreign media landscape?
(25:31): The dominance of traditional media in Japan despite social media
(25:02): Insights in working with traditional Japanese media
(25:56): Role of press clubs in Japan
(37:38): Can other non-conventional journalists participate in press clubs?
(29:13): Key components of a successful PR strategy in Japan
(40:04): Further insights on localization in Japan
(40:06): Role and importance of influencers and celebrity endorsements in Japan as a foreign brand
(42:48): Insights on event planning and management in Japan
(43:38): Unique points in terms of customer service
(46:21): What does a PR agency actually do?
(47:26): Exploring PR Agency support for media presence
(52:31): Emerging trends in 2023 and 2024

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