Japanese Business Manners with Rochelle Kopp

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In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast, we are excited to welcome back Rochelle Kopp. She is the founder and managing principal of Japan Intercultural Consulting and serves as a independent board director at MS&AD Insurance and Lightworks Corporation. Last episode Rochelle shared her knowledge on ⁠Japanese business culture⁠, so be sure to check that out. Today, she will be diving deeper into Japanese businesss manners.

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Show Notes

(0:52) Rochelle Kopp’s self introduction

(2:03) Importance of understanding Japanese business manners

(3:47) ‘Kuuki yomenai’ explained

(5:35) Unacceptable business manners in Japan

(7:44) Using proper greetings

(12:51) Where to sit in a business setting

(17:12) Drinking culture in the business setting

(22:33) How to handle claims

(23:51) How to handle going over budget

(25:19) How to handle being late on deliverables

(28:40) How foreigners can communicate better in English

(31:01) Japanese communication styles

(32:17) Unique Japanese gestures

(34:09) How foreigners can communicate better in Japanese

(34:56) Ways Japanese people say no without saying no

(37:44) Talk less, listen more

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