Understanding the state of startups in Japan in 2023

State of Startups in Japan in 2023 with Tim Romero

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In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast, we are joined by Tim Romero as he sheds light on the startup ecosystem in Japan. He discusses how the  startup ecosystem has developed over the last decade and what are its current and potential future trends. He also mentions what is needed to take the ecosystem even further.

Tim Romero hosts the Disrupting Japan podcast, the original and number one podcast on startups in Japan and he is a pioneer for foreign founders in Japan. His content has helped inspire countless foreign and Japanese entrepreneurs to make the startup journey. He is also the Head of Google Startups Japan. This episode is a part of our comprehensive article on creating a startup in Japan.

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Show Notes

02:30 – Foreigners in Japan have an outsize role to play in the startup ecosystem in Japan

05:57 – Status of Startups in Japan

07:45 – Comparison of Startups in Japan vs the US

08:10 – Positive Trends in Startups in Japan

15:25 – Changes in the startup ecosystem in Japan in the last 5 years

18:55 – Understanding the proper pitch to investors

21:15 – New trends in the Startup ecosystem  in Japan in 2023

27:55 – Catalysts of the changes in the startup ecosystem in Japan

29:45 – Current gaps in the Startup ecosystem in Japan

32:40 – Community building for startups for foreigners vs Japanese

38:50 – How to get more Japanese participants for the startup ecosystem

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