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Part 2: Selling to the Government in Japan with Ruth Jarman

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In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast, we are joined by Ruth Jarman, the founder and CEO of Jarman International KK. She also sits on the board of Directors as an outside Director for KADOKAWA and Fujibo Holdings. In our previous episode together, ⁠episode 38⁠, she shared how foreign business owners can build a strong network and form new B2B relationships. Today, Ruth will be covering the ins and outs of budget timelines and contracts when selling to the government.

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Show Notes

(3:36) Budget timeline for government explained

(6:44) Budget timeline for third-tier sub-contractors

(8:51) Other possibilities

(11:38) Roles and responsibilities explained

(12:42) Importance of completing the contract

(15:38) Transparency about money is key

(24:24) How to expect the unexpected

(26:39) Tips on receiving a first contract

(30:37) KK vs GK

(33:21) Advice for first-time contracts

(36:54) Understanding the flexible points

(38:40) Know your worth

(41:28) How to effectively work in the grey

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