grow from 1-15 employees in japan

How to Grow from 1-10 Employees with Nathan Hoernig

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Episode Summary

In this episode of the Scaling Japan podcast, we are joined by Nathan Hoernig. He is the founder of Humble Bunny, a digital marketing and design company in Tokyo. He shares his experience of what it is like to grow a company from the family stage and the beginning process of employee recruitment. Nathan Hoernig also provides helpful insights into the importance of creating and maintaining company culture.

This podcast episode is excellent for:

  • Business owners who want to learn about developing and maintaining company culture
  • Business owners interested in employee recruitment

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  • Find out more about Nathan Hoernig on his LinkedIn
  • Reach out to Humble Bunny if you’re interested in web design and digital marketing

Show Notes

(1:17) Introduction to Humble Bunny

(5:05) Experience with growing company from family stage (1-3 people)

(6:22) Hiring first full-time employee

(8:26) Risk tolerance during recruitment process

(12:58) Experience with growing company from 4-10 people

(15:07) Company culture from a leadership perspective

(22: 21) Importance of communicating with managers

(23:29) Mid level employees

(29:37) Nathan Hoernig’s personal learnings of 2021 as a leader

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