Banking and Loans in Japan with Larry Greenberg

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In this episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast we are joined by Larry Greenberg. He is the CEO of Urban Connections in Japan and has over 30 years of business experience in the country. Larry shares how he has successfully grown the business through developing connections in Japan and using banking resources. He also explains how foreign businesses in Japan can build strong relationship with banks and secure loans for themselves. 

This podcast episode is excellent for:

  • Business owners who want to secure a loan in Japan
  • Foreign entrepreneurs looking to form relationship with banks in Japan

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Links from Guest Appearance

  • Reach out to Larry Greenberg on his LinkedIn
  • Check out Urban Connections for Japanese and English translation, interpretation and editing services

Show Notes

(0:50) Larry Greenberg’s self introduction

(4:09) Experience with loans and banking in Japan

(9:57) Cost of borrowing in Japan

(15:07) How to help Japanese banks understand your business

(18:30) Circumstances where banks are more inclined to loan

(22:34) Circumstances where banks are less inclined to loan

(26:53) Japanese bank recommendations

(27:59) Advantages of regional banks

(33:05) Experience with government lending agencies

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