Import Compliance and Logistics in Japan with Scott Scofield from COVUE

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Welcome to another episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast. In this episode, we are joined once again by Scott Scofield, CEO of COVUE. COVUE is well-known as a leading brand operator in Japan which provides a full-service market entry platform. Following our previous discussion in Part 1 where Scott talked about choosing the right e-commerce sites in Japan, Part 2 will delve into logistics, import compliance, and post-sales procedures. This will cover topics including Japan’s import regulations, with practical examples from food and beauty care products, as well as the correct application of marketing labels and licenses. Join us as Scott shares his expertise and discusses how COVUE has successfully navigated challenges related to import compliance.

*Please note that the notes / documents mentioned within the episode are being reworked by COVUE due to updates in regulations, further updates will be posted onhere as well as COVUE’s website.

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Show Notes

00:00 : Introduction
01:38 Import Regulations in Japan
06:45 PSE and Power Electrical Safety
08:08 What was the Catalyst?
10:24 Foreign Sellers
12:58 Import Compliance in Japan
17:40 Phases of Regulations 
21:32 Tariffs
24:03 Import Compliance for Food Products
31:18 Import Compliance for Beauty Care Products
35:46 Marketing Label and License
38:14 Strategies for Ensuring Compliance
39:56 Technology and Compliance   
43:18 Solving Problems Involving Import Compliance

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