how to establish business partnership in japan

How to Establish Business Partnerships in Japan with Fariza Abidova

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Episode Summary

In this episode of the Scaling Japan podcast we are joined by Fariza Abidova. She is the founder of Trusted Corporations, a search engine focused on connecting businesses and accelerating innovation. Fariza Abidova shares her experience of creating Trusted Corporations and explains how partnerships can be utilized to scale companies. She also provides helpful advice for startups, large corporations and country managers on how to establish a successful business partnership. This episode is a part of our comprehensive guide to Japan Market Entry article.

This podcast episode is excellent for :

  • Business owners who want to learn about how partnerships can be used to help further grow their company 
  • Country managers looking to establish a partnership with Japanese enterprises 

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Show Summary

(0:57) Fariza Abidova’s self introduction

(1:36) Experience with Trusted Corporation

(5:45) Business partnerships

(10:13) Benefits of business partnerships

(13:49) How to establish partnerships

(16:49) Services offered by Trusted Corporation

(21:00) Mistakes when making businesses partnerships with Japanese companies

(22:54) Advice for foreign country managers in Japan

(27:38) Advice for large corporations seeking partnerships

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