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Scaling Rapidly Through Partnerships with Pascal Gerbert-Gaillard

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Episode Summary

Pascal Gerbert-Gaillard, Japan managing director for Unabiz and senior advisor for SES-imagotag, joins us in this episode of the Scaling Japan podcast to discuss shareholders and big corporations in Japan. Pascal Gerbert-Gaillard shares his experience with scaling Unabiz and the challenges that he has faced. Not only does he cover aspects of B2C in Japan, but he also explains how business culture and recruitment processes can be different in Japan. This episode is a part of our comprehensive guide to Japan Market Entry article.

This podcast episode is excellent for :

  • Foreign business owners in Japan looking for partnerships with Japanese corporations
  • Business owners interested in recruiting the right employees and country manager

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Links from Guest Appearance

  • Find out more about Pascal Gerbert-Gaillard on his LinkedIn
  • Reach out to UnaBiz and SES-imagotag if you’re interested in finding new opportunities
  • Reach out to CCI France Japon, French speaking companies are especially welcome, if you’re interested in building a network in Japan

Show Summary

(1:23) Pascal Gerbert-Gaillard’s self introduction

(2:53) Experience with scaling UnaBiz

(8:08) Benefit of being a foreigner

(11:00) Hacking the Japanese system

(20:35) How to get taken seriously by big corporations in Japan

(21:43) Consistency when it comes to B2C vs B2B

(23:26) Pitfalls of recruitment for tech companies in Japan

(25:55) Effective way to present your company in terms of “de-risking”

(27:40) Choosing the right country manager

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