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SEO marketing has become an essential part of digital marketing, especially for businesses in Japan. As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, the importance of having a strong online presence has never been more evident. SEO marketing can assist companies in bringing in more clients and boosting their online presence by enhancing their website’s visibility and search engine rankings. It’s not simple to optimize a website for search engines, which is where an SEO Marketing Agency in Japan comes in.

An SEO marketing agency is one type of digital marketing agency in Japan that you can look for which is an expert in assisting companies to increase their online presence through specialized and focused SEO techniques. These companies are uniquely equipped to assist companies in increasing their ranks and driving more traffic since they have a thorough understanding of Japanese search engine algorithms and user behavior. Additionally, an SEO marketing agency in Japan may aid companies in navigating the difficulties of local SEO, such as link development, content generation, and keyword research.

SEO in Japan

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a vital digital marketing technique in Japan, where the internet industry is very competitive and dynamic. With a population of over 123 million, Japan is the world’s third-largest economy and a magnet for technology and creativity. As a result, businesses in Japan must enhance their websites and online presence to stand out and attract clients in a congested environment.

According to Statista, Japan’s search engine market share is dominated by Google with a 76.14% market share across desktop, mobile, and tablet, and Yahoo with a 16.64% market share across desktop, mobile, and tablet as of 2022.

Additionally, according to statistics shared by The Egg website, Google and Yahoo Japan! had average monthly traffic volumes of 2.76 billion and 2.09 billion in 2019, and have significantly increased over the years.

However, SEO in Japan demands a comprehensive approach that takes into account local search engine algorithms, user behavior, and cultural variables. As such, businesses in Japan often resort to SEO marketing agencies that have expertise in the Japanese market and can design tailored SEO strategies that correspond with their specific needs and goals. For instance, knowing and understanding the top most searched keywords in Japan can help you and your agency partner determine how to bump up your SEO marketing strategy. Jim Kersey from Humble Bunny posted a good article about this. 

Another example is how much Japanese people use Google Maps. It is a primary resource for finding restaurants and other business locations in Japan. Although Google gets around double the search than Yahoo does, Yahoo loco gets less than 10x and in some cases 30x to 40x less volume. So, by employing SEO, businesses in Japan may improve their online presence, attract traffic to their websites, and eventually increase sales and revenue. More about SEO in Japan in terms of Google vs Yahoo in my article about Guide to Digital Marketing in Japan here.

Guide to Digital Marketing in Japan

What is an SEO Marketing Agency

An SEO marketing agency is a firm that focuses on assisting businesses with search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to raise their online presence and search engine rankings. These businesses use a staff of SEO specialists who are knowledgeable in a range of SEO techniques, including keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, content marketing, and analytics. In order to obtain and retain high ranks in search results, they collaborate with businesses to create specialized SEO strategies that are catered to their unique needs and goals. An SEO marketing company’s main objective is to boost a company’s online exposure and search engine rankings in order to generate website traffic, leads, and conversions.

Pros and Cons of an SEO Marketing Agency in Japan

Marketing team discussion

The benefits of working with an SEO Marketing Agency in Japan are significant. They can make a big difference in the success of a business’s online presence but working with an SEO Marketing Agency in Japan can have pros and cons, depending on the business’s specific needs and circumstances. Here are some of the main pros and cons (hiring and training someone internally).


Expertise in Local SEO Strategies: Local SEO tactics, such as comprehending local search intent, discovering local keywords, and developing location-based content, are well-understood by an SEO marketing agency in Japan. For businesses hoping to draw in local clients and raise their placement in local search results, this knowledge is crucial.

For example, there are 3 ways to write the word kodomo (children) in Japanese and there is a preferred way that adult mothers tend to use. Many words in Japanese can be written in hiragana, katakana, kanji, or a mixture of hiragana and kanji, and having someone who knows the common way for your target audience is important. 

Understanding of Japanese regions: A good SEO marketing agency in Japan with experienced pros knows some of the unique preferences and user behavior of different prefectures and can adjust the keywords and copywriting to better match user needs.

Understanding of Japanese Search Engine Algorithms and User Behavior: An SEO marketing agency in Japan is well knowledgeable in the algorithms employed by local search engines like Google Japan and Yahoo Japan as well as how users interact with them. The company can develop efficient SEO tactics thanks to its understanding of the particular requirements of the Japanese market.

This will be very useful for creating content clusters to get the domain authority you need because they will have a good idea of not only creating content that is actively searched for but content that is starting to trend or something only a Japanese person is most likely to know.

Accelerate your Backlink Building: Going with an SEO marketing agency in Japan will give you a huge advantage for building links at a faster speed since they already have the connections.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization of SEO Campaigns: To attain and retain high rankings in search results, SEO marketing requires continual monitoring and adjustment. The best results are achieved by continuously monitoring SEO efforts with the help of an SEO marketing agency in Japan, which also pinpoints any problems or potential areas for improvement.

Knowledge of Western SEO Tools: Did you know that SemRUSH has a robust Japanese version? There are also many Western-owned SEO marketing agency staff with 50% Japanese staff who know how to use the SEO tools your company is using in the US and can understand and execute those instructions for your Japanese site. 

Hard to Hire Good SEO Talent in Japan: Many are not looking for jobs. The great ones you can only find through introductions. Less publicly known SEOs.

Businesses aiming to boost their online presence can gain a lot from collaborating with an SEO marketing agency in Japan. These agencies are well-equipped to assist businesses in achieving their online marketing objectives thanks to their expertise in local SEO strategies, comprehension of Japanese search engine algorithms, and user behavior, among other things. They also use a customized and targeted approach to SEO marketing as well as ongoing monitoring and optimization.


Cost: For small firms in particular, working with an SEO marketing agency in Japan might be pricey. The potential return on investment from greater visitors and revenues as well as a better internet presence may, however, make the expense justifiable.

Communication and Transparency: Certain SEO marketing agencies in Japan might not offer clear and effective communication, which can cause dissatisfaction and misunderstandings. It’s crucial to select an agency that offers transparent reports and analysis and is proactive and responsive in its communication.

This was particularly mentioned by Dustin Ikeda of Hashi Media and Dimitri Shimaniuk of Enjin Media during the monthly Japan Business Seminars conducted by Scaling Your Company. The recently concluded seminar discussed social media in Japan for business and how businesses can leverage the platforms for their digital marketing strategies. Basically, they mentioned that an agency that just keeps on agreeing and saying yes to all of your suggestions can be a red flag as it is the responsibility of the agency to challenge your plan as they know better about SEO marketing and digital marketing in general. You can watch the recording of the seminar here.

Dependence on Agency: Working with an SEO marketing agency in Japan can cause businesses to depend on the firm for their SEO strategy and execution, which can ultimately limit their control and flexibility. Although this can be the case, trust should ultimately be given to the chosen agency as they supposedly know more than you do considering they are an expert in the field of digital marketing. So businesses should really be careful and take time and effort in choosing the right agency for them as the potential time and money lost if choosing the wrong agency can be possible and no one wants that.

I included a section in my Guide to Digital Marketing Agency in Japan article about choosing the right agency for your business and what questions to ask to determine if they are the right agency for you. You can check it out below.

Guide to Finding the Right Digital Marketing Agency in Japan

Expensive: Cost might be a major factor when deciding whether to collaborate with an SEO marketing agency in Japan. For small or medium-sized firms, the majority of professional agencies normally demand a monthly retainer fee of at least 400,000 yen. The cost of the agency’s services, such as website analysis, keyword research, content production, link building, and continuous optimization initiatives, are covered by this price.

In addition to being expensive, SEO marketing strategies might take months to see results. This means that companies must have realistic expectations regarding the timeframe for seeing a return on investment and be ready to invest in SEO in the long run. Working with an SEO service in Japan might be risky for some organizations, especially those with limited resources or a tight budget, because of the prolonged time frame for results.

In spite of these difficulties, hiring a reputable and skilled SEO marketing agency in Japan can ultimately prove to be a wise investment for companies trying to boost their online exposure, draw in more clients, and ultimately boost their profitability. Before launching an SEO marketing strategy, it’s crucial to thoroughly weigh the cost, duration, and potential hazards.

While an SEO marketing agency in Japan may offer valuable services such as expertise, a tailored strategy, and ongoing monitoring and optimization, businesses should also be aware of the potential cost and dependency on the agency and pick one that offers clear and effective communication.

Scaling Your Company (us) offers services for local SEO in English only and MEO Marketing in Japanese. The company has helped over 30 companies rank in the top 3 for google maps and Yahoo Loco and has done many times for Tokyo as well. You can check out our website if you need help with MEO and local SEO which is one of our specialties in our marketing agency.

Marketing Agency

Choosing the Right SEO Marketing Agency in Japan

When it comes to choosing the right SEO Marketing Agency in Japan, there are a few key factors to consider. Here are some of the most important considerations:

Experience, Portfolio, and Reputation: It’s crucial to pick an SEO marketing agency in Japan that has a track record of success in assisting companies to increase their online presence. Find a company that has a lot of experience in your sector and can give you examples of effective SEO campaigns they have run. Examine the agency’s reputation further by reading internet reviews and client endorsements.

Communication and Transparency: Transparency and effective communication are essential in the agency-client relationship. Select a company that keeps you updated on the status of your SEO initiatives and any changes or problems that occur through timely and proactive communication. Making educated judgments and understanding the performance of your SEO initiatives depend on transparency in reporting and analysis.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Since SEO is a constantly evolving industry, it’s critical to select a firm that can be flexible and responsive to shifting trends and algorithms. In order to get the greatest results for your company, choose a firm that keeps up with the most recent SEO trends and technology and is willing to modify its techniques as necessary.

It’s important to carefully assess a company’s experience, portfolio, and reputation as well as its communication and transparency, flexibility, and adaptability when selecting an SEO marketing agency in Japan. Businesses can be sure they are getting the best results from their SEO initiatives by choosing an agency with a proven track record of success, good communication and transparency, and ongoing awareness of the most recent SEO trends.

Other than carefully choosing the right SEO marketing agency in Japan for your business, it is also important to consider if you need one in launching your business. I mentioned this because there is also a market entry specialist that can specifically assist you with your market entry to Japan. Businesses wishing to join the Japanese market may turn to market entry specialists for consultation services. They assist businesses as they negotiate Japan’s intricate legal, cultural, and commercial environments. Experts in market entry offer a variety of services, such as establishing a local office and employing people, in addition to doing market research and feasibility studies. If you would like to know more about market entry to Japan, you can check out our article about foreigners’ guide to Japan market entry here.


Additionally, we have a whole podcast series discussing market entry to Japan, please see below.

Episodes on Entering Japan

Finally, it is also worth noting that investing in different types of digital marketing strategies can actually, be a good strategy for your business. For example, combining a good SEO marketing strategy with an effective influencer marketing strategy can be a way to go depending on your marketing requirements. For more information about influencer marketing in Japan, you can check my article here.

Influencer Marketing in Japan

Top SEO Marketing Agencies in Japan

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Here are some well-known SEO marketing agencies in Japan and the services they offer:

Global / APAC Scale Projects

AJ Marketing

Services: SEO marketing, social media marketing, web design, web development, influencer marketing, content marketing.

iRep: Founded in 2000 by Masayuki Takayama, and now a part of the Hakuhodo group provides a range of digital marketing services, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and more.

iProspect Japan

Services: SEO, PPC, social media marketing, web design, web development, analytics, mobile marketing.

Principle Company

As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, Principle uses proven expertise in advanced analytics and SEO to make measurable impacts on its clients’ marketing and revenue performance. Principle enables brands and enterprises to advance their marketing data and leverage insights to improve marketing and operations ROI. Customers include multinational companies like Samsung, Red Bull, Adidas, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, and others. Our team of 100 people, which includes a Google Premier Partner, has expertise in the entire marketing stack, so our clients can genuinely describe their marketing strategy as “data-driven.”

Medium to Large Size projects

Humble Bunny

Humble Bunny offers services such as web design, coding, SEO, pay-per-click ads, and other services focused on optimizing the client’s website and digital presence to catalyze growth for the company in the Japanese market. Nathan Hoernig, founder of Humble Bunny, was a guest on Scaling Japan Podcast episode 6 where he discussed how to grow from 1-10 Employees. You can also watch it on YouTube here.

Zo Digital Media

The business aids businesses seeking global expansion using bilingual (Japanese and English) digital marketing strategies like SEO tactics, web advertising operations, and content marketing in their efforts to expand internationally.

Micro to Small Size Projects

Scaling Your Company (us)

Using the company’s tried-and-tested methods from our own businesses, We will help businesses increase their exposure, leads, sales, and presence on the internet. The services they offer include Google Maps &Google Business, Google Search, Simple Websites that convert, content marketing, local SEO in English only, and MEO Marketing in Japanese.

Marketing Agency

These companies provide a variety of services that can help businesses increase their online presence and meet their marketing objectives. Businesses should thoroughly investigate and assess each agency to find the one that is the best fit for their unique needs and objectives, keeping in mind that each one has its own strengths and capabilities.


Recap of the benefits of working with an SEO marketing agency in Japan

It is important to know the benefits of employing an SEO marketing agency in Japan to navigate through the complex world of digital marketing. 

  • Knowledge of local SEO tactics tailored to the Japanese market.
  • Understanding of user behavior and search engine algorithms in Japan.
  • Tailored and focused SEO marketing strategy that fits the unique requirements and objectives of a business.
  • SEO efforts are continuously monitored and improved to make sure they are successful and follow the most recent SEO trends.
  • By delegating SEO work to professionals, businesses may focus on other crucial facets of their operations while saving time and resources.
  • Gives users access to a group of knowledgeable SEO experts that can offer direction and assistance throughout the SEO process.
  • provides a data-driven method for approaching SEO that makes use of metrics and analytics to guide and improve campaign methods.

Utilizing the services of an SEO marketing agency in Japan will help companies expand their online visibility, drive more traffic to their websites, generate leads, and eventually increase sales and revenue. 

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