Startups in Aichi and Nagoya with Satoru & Akihiro

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Welcome to this special episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠. Today, we’re delighted to host two distinguished guests: Satoru Ichihara and Akihiro Mori. Satoru serves as the General Manager of Station AI, an innovative startup support center in Aichi ; Akihiro is the Assistant Director in the overseas collaboration division for Aichi prefecture. They’ll talk about why Aichi and Nagoya are excellent locations for startups and discuss the programs available to support startups in the region.

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Show Notes

(0:00) About Satoru & Akihiro

(4:53) Three things you should know about Aichi & Nagoya

(7:29) Industries Aichi is known for

(9:02) Why start your company in Aichi?

(11:52) What are some startup programs offered at Aichi?

(13:49) What does StationAI do?

(16:31) Accelerate Aichi – 500 Global

(22:03) Collaborations with the foreign organizations

(24:13) Financial Support Aichi offer to startups

(26:52) Requirements to applying to Aichi’s subsidies

(29:55) Does StationAi invest in companies?

(32:07) Requirments to StationAI fund

(32:52) Who are the rising stars of Aichi & Nagoya startup?

(36:20) What is so Unique about Nagoya?

(38:40) What are business culture differences in Nagoya?

(42:56) What are Nagoya /StationAI’ss plans for the next 3 years

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