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HR Explained with Rina Sakuraba

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Episode Summary

In this episode of the podcast, we have the special opportunity of being joined by Rina Sakuraba. She is the founder of 35CoCreation and was former HR director at GE Health Japan, in addition to several senior level director roles with companies around the world. Rina Sakuraba explains what Human Resource (HR) is and the role it plays. She also breaks down the different types of positions and talks about how a HR partner can help with company growth.

This Podcast episode is excellent for:

  • Business owners looking to add an HR function to scale
  • Business owners who have never experienced great HR
  • People who are understanding the various roles HR can fulfil

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Links from Guest Appearance

  • Find out more about Rina Sakuraba on her LinkedIn
  • Reach out to 35CoCoreation if you’re interested in HR development in Japan

Show Notes

(0:54) Rina Sakuraba’s self introduction

(2:25) Story behind 35CoCreation

(4:20) Definition and role of HR

( 7:20) Positions of HR

(11:20) Learning and development in HR

(12:04) Talent management in HR

(14:34) When should a HR generalist/senior level person join your team

(17:25) Common struggles HR face 

(19:43) How a HR partner can help with company growth

(21:48) How business owner/CEO’s can attract a great senior level HR director

(24:06) Services offered by Rina Sakuraba

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