How to Design Japanese Websites with Goki Sawada

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Welcome to another episode of the Scaling Japan Podcast⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠, we welcome Goki Sawada, the co-founder of Mixer, a design service that provides professional digital designs for Japanese businesses. Discover the challenges faced by Japanese companies in accessing global designs due to language barriers and unique design philosophies. Goki delves into the distinctions between Japanese and foreign designs, exploring elements of web, software, and visual design. Goki shares insights on industry-specific design in Japan and discusses exceptional Japanese websites. This podcast also touches on the effectiveness of minimalist designs in the Japanese market and explores differences in copywriting approaches.

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Show Notes

(00:00) Introductions

(03:41) General differences between Japanese and foreign designs when it comes to flyers, websites, and other visuals and why

(13:42) Unique elements of website or visual design depending on the industry in Japan

(15:13) Examples of websites in Japan and why do Goki thinks they are great

(24:24) Do minimalist designs work well in Japan?

(26:21) Are there differences when it comes to copywriting?

(28:10) Are there differences when it comes to creating logos?

(29:16) Conclusions & comments

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